12 Weeks to Barefoot Running: Week 2: Growing New Skin

Last week was my first attempt at incorporating barefoot running into my training. I’m using the 12-week plan that’s included in Michael Sandler’s book, Barefoot Running. Here is the plan and the 3 days I ran last week:
12 Weeks to Barefoot Running: Weeks 1-2: Growing New Skin
Pace: Easy Jogging
Distance:a few hundred yards to one mile
Objective: Stimulate feet to grow new skin

Week 2:
Day 1: First 4/10 mile barefoot, still dark so very cautious. Really feeling all these extra pounds today.
Day 2: Union Pier run – No BF, just didn’t feel like dealing with the plethora of gravel strewn everywhere. Windy morning, big waves on the lake.
Day 3: No BF again, just no desire to run on wet sidewalks without shoes. Worked really hard to slow pace down, wanted to average 9:00 miles, was just under, but not an even effort, work still needs to be done!
Stacey (aka UltraPrincess) asked me how it was going and this was my response to her:
Well, it’s only been 2 weeks, but 2 things really jumped out at me:
“1. Ironically enough, barefoot running feels totally unnatural, maybe because so much thought goes into it.

2. All my socks feel like they are suffocating my feet – the shoes don’t bother me so much.

Eventually, I can see going to a sockless, minimalist shoe running plan. Can’t quite see going BF full time, but who knows?

I’m also testing out a new pair of shoes(the NB 890), which are incredibly light, so I’m having a hard time distinguishing between effects due to BF running and those from the new shoes.”

So reset time on the barefoot running thing, this week will once again be week 2. My goal is to get through the entire 12 week plan to really give it an honest shot.
After continued wet, dark weather, today finally appears to be summer like, with blue skies forecast, along with a temp of 90 degrees. We’re headed to the in-laws for some pool time and a barbecue – the pool will be too cold for swimming, but still nice to hang out on the deck.
Have a great holiday!

9 thoughts on “12 Weeks to Barefoot Running: Week 2: Growing New Skin

  1. 9:00 pace?? Don't run with a garmin?? When I started a yr ago I simply went out for 10 min.. I increased my time by 5 min. When I was able to run 60 min then I used a Garmin. If you try to run fast like you did in shoes you will have a hard time learning how to run wit out them. Its a different form. Shoes are a push back..BF is a lift up. You need to be able to hear yourself run too.. NO music!! HAVE FUN!!!!!

  2. I live in a very hilly area, and I see barefoot runners struggling on the downhills. Their forefeet really take a beating. I guess there aren't many hills where you live, but beware if you encounter them. Or parks where people aren't so diligent about picking up after their dogs.

  3. Awwww, look at wifey reading your Blog. Wait, has she always done that? Your two insights were opposite of where I would go.

    BF running feels very natural to me.

    I would never ever ever run with shoes and no socks.

    Geez Kovas, we are so different.

  4. I enjoy your take on BF running. I'm going to start out with the NB Minimus trails and see how it goes.
    Hope that your holiday was lovely!

  5. I've run sock-less up to 10k in flats “designed” for sock-less wear. It was fine, but the usual hot spots on the top of my feet and toes where starting to get warm. Maybe some body glide would get me a few more miles, but I'm just not sure you can get around the laws of physics and biology in that a) the shoe will always touch your skin and b) the shoe will always win v your skin.

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