12 Weeks to Barefoot Running: Week 4: Stimulating Padding Growth

Lake side road
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After 10 days away, returning to work! Yippee! (Thinly veiled sarcasm.) We had a great trip to Michigan filled with beach time, wine tasting, running, eating, and all-around fun family time. Laima and I left 3 of the 4 kids in her aunt’s charge on Thursday and headed home for a little couple time (though Little Worker joined us). More wine, fun outings, movies, it felt like a never-ending date. We also worked on getting Little Worker to sleep through the night, so it wasn’t all peaches and cream, but we’ll take it.
Barefoot Running Week 4 Plan:
  • Pace: Jogging
  • Distance:1-2 miles
  • Objective: Stimulate feet to grow padding
The reality:
  • Tuesday – 10 mins shod, 7.5 mins BF, 12.5 mins shod. Beautiful morning for it. First day of marathon training, first day embedded BF – felt good, maybe prefer over warm up and cool down.
  • Wednesday in Union Pier – 50 minutes planned, ran 37, then walked a few before finishing – strange to run later morning after a full breakfast. Rolling farm roads to Warren Woods State park. No family hike due to abundance of mosquitoes and biting flies. No BF – Tuesday at beach burned feet literally till blistered on hot sand.
  • Thursday in Union Pier – Really nice run along lake shore roads, not one single moving car entire run! Had a deer bound across in front of me, otherwise uneventful. Tried out new Columbia tech tee. No BF to protect blisters.
  • Saturday LSD – Didn’t have it mentally today – scheduled for 80 minutes, ran only 57. Beautiful morning for it, most of run through Lyman Woods and what we call the Belle Aire neighborhood, which is winding, shady, and has an interesting mix of architectural styles. No BF due to foot blisters, but will resume Tuesday (tomorrow).
Overall a decent week of running, though it’s been a big struggle, which I’ll attribute completely to a big weight gain which started last Halloween and really gained steam after the new year. I’ve tried some half-assed eating plans, but nothing works, one more try to eat less on my own, then I’ll go back to counting calories if it doesn’t work.
From the one day of barefoot running last week, it appears that embedding the barefoot part makes the most sense to me, though mentally it is tough to stop and take off the shoes and socks. Short term suffering for long term gain, right?

7 thoughts on “12 Weeks to Barefoot Running: Week 4: Stimulating Padding Growth

  1. Hey man running barefoot is cool if you want to, but does it make sense to take the time to lace-off/on your shoes during a 20 minute run? It seems like that must frustrate one of the main points of running – maintaining an elevated heart rate.

  2. Patrick, it depends on what the goal for your run is. If it's to improve form, then the pause may be worth it if you believe BF will actually improve your form. As to elevated heart rate – studies show 2 fifteen minute runs are equal to one 30 minute run, so the pause is negligible I would think.

  3. ahhh vacation. I'LL SUPPORT YOU, but I'm not down with this barefoot gig. Keep at it though, if this makes sense to you.

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