12 Weeks to Barefoot Running: Weeks 6: Hardening Your Skin

Still following Michael Sandler’s 12 week plan to become a barefoot runner. This is the end of week 6, it’s been 8 weeks since 2 false starts, and of the 6 weeks, 5 have been pretty consistent with the barefooting. His plan for this week:
Pace: Jogging + Hiking
Distance: Jogging 2-4 miles, hiking 1-2 miles
Objective: harden and strengthen your skin
My weekly training:
Tuesday – Hot and humid! First day running without a shirt, but still dark, so no children were harmed. 10 mins shod, 7.5 mins BF, 12.5 mins shod. Pretty typical run now.
Wednesday – Hot and humid but felt great. 18 mins shod, 13 mins BF, 20 mins shod. Only negative was that my big toe feels hot/blistered post-run.
Thursday – Cooled off to a balmy 85ish. No BF today just felt like running and foot still felt hot and bothered from yesterday’s run. Straight 30 minutes shod.
Sunday – Saturday LSD on a Sunday. Really nice run with Laima, pushing Little Worker in the stroller. Really worked on taking it slow, felt like I could have run for quite a bit longer. Note to self: remember how good it feels to start out SLOOOOOOOOOOW. No BF, just didn’t have it in me.
This past weekend I went shooting with a coworker and then we had a family celebration for Little Worker’s first birthday. Big storms means the flowers are happy but also that I’ll have to mow the lawn again – the best effect of no rain is no mowing!

3 thoughts on “12 Weeks to Barefoot Running: Weeks 6: Hardening Your Skin

  1. What a difference a little break in the heat makes!

    On my run yesterday, I had to keep reminding myself to slow down and take it easy. Why is it so hard to run slower for your long runs and so hard to run hard for your shorter ones? Well, I understand the answer to the latter one…bc it hurts. Maybe running slow(er) hurts my pride, what little there is.

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