Gear: The North Face Vanton boot

I recently ordered The North Face Vanton boot for myself and my son from REI. We both love them! It’s a VERY funky looking boot, very reminiscent of a snowboard boot, toasty warm and extremely light. I wore them this morning to shovel snow and was extremely happy with them.

The North Face says:

For treks into snow-covered terrain, the Vanton offers waterproof protection coupled with a high-traction outsole that gobbles up any snow and ice that litters your path. Inspired by the look of snowboard boots, these all-terrain, durable boots are host to an array of technical features that keep your feet warm despite grueling, wintry conditions.

The North Face’s website doesn’t have this color anymore (and they are gone from REI’s as well), but I highly recommend tracking them down in these colors for the fun factor alone! Decently priced and comfortable as all get out!

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