25 Random Things About me…

On Facebook, there is a Note going around, where, if you are tagged, you have to write 25 random things about yourself. Here’s my list:

1. I’ve always had a great life, but the last 2 years have been just amazing!
2. In middle school, my nickname was the “Maňana Kid.”
3. In college, my goal was to move every year with only what I could carry – you should see all the stuff I own now!
4. One of my fondest memories of high school is snowskiing and surfing the same day!
5. My one lasting ambition has been to travel around the world.
6. I suggest everyone work for the federal government.
7. It’s scary to think that our children will one day be out on their own.
8. Every year, I’d like to do something totally new.
9. I’d love to run a 100-mile trail race.
10. I don’t miss Florida, but I miss that weather right now.
11. Someday I’d like to finish a project on the home in a reasonable amount of time.
12. I’d like to be fit again.
13. I wished I owned homes in 4 dissimilar spots and just travelled between them as my job for several months at a time.
14. Hopefully, my kids will be more focused than I ever have been.
15. I’m looking forward to summer weekends in Pier.
16. I haven’t been back to CA since 1987, but maybe it’s time…
17. After high school, I wanted to apprentice with Sam Maloof and build furniture.
18. I like 2-buck Chuck! (and don’t care what others say)
19. An anagram for Palubinskas is A SLAB IS PUNK.
20. Sometimes I just have to laugh at my kids.
21. I still read Ayn Rand.
22. With skating, basketball, soccer, piano, violin, tumbling, and dance, the kids might be overscheduled.
23. The first concert I went to was Saga, Rush, and Jethro Tull.
24. I’m addicted to House.
25. Punk rock made me the person I am today.

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