Midwest Trail: Danada Forest Preserve

Danada Forest Preserve 10-04-09 on Twitpic

Danada Forest Preserve, which links to the Herrick Lake County Forest Preserve, is a multi-function area not too far from where I live and a really good training destination. Apart from the Equestrian Center, which we’ve never used (though the kids love to watch the horses), there are about 3 miles of crushed gravel trails suitable for running and cycling, if you don’t ride ultra skinny race tires. The trails connect to the Herrick Lake trails, which then connects to the Illinois Prairie Path, so runs or rides of almost any distance can be accommodated.

From the website:

“Danada has a rich history as the former home of Daniel and Ada Rice, and Kentucky Derby winner Lucky Debonair. Today, the preserve is the home of Danada Equestrian Center, which is surrounded by 783 acres of rolling terrain that encompass wetlands, woodlands and prairies.

A large wetland complex interspersed with fields is located in the area west of Naperville Road. Although the natural prairie is gone, a 35-acre region has been the target of intensive restoration efforts that have yielded a healthy, restored prairie. This ecosystem complex attracts a variety of wildlife, including waterfowl, grassland birds, and a heron rookery.

The DuPage Forest Preserve District’s headquarters building, which was designed to blend in with the natural surroundings, is located within the Danada Forest Preserve on the west side of Naperville Road.

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