Pure Bar: Product Review + Giveaway

Veronica Bosgraff’s daughter was 6 when she told her mother she wanted to be vegetarian. Veronica noticed that there clearly was a lack of healthy vegetarian snacks in grocery stores, and decided to create one of her own. The requirements were stiff. Only use real ingredients, organic fruits and healthy nuts untouched by harmful herbicides and pesticides. No refined sugars, no chemicals, no genetically-modified stuff. We wanted ingredients rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and omega-3 fats. Most importantly, it had to taste amazing.

Pure Bar is committed to using its products and practices as vehicles for change. As a brand started by a woman to empower her daughter to pursue a healthy active lifestyle, they are committed to overall wellness. Pure is dedicated to enabling young men & women to realize their potential and provide them with the tools that can inspire them to have a lasting positive impact in their communities. Additionally, they hope to encourage these same young men and women to adopt a more healthy, active lifestyle.

Veronica Bosgraff

Ingredients: agave nectar, walnuts, almonds, cacao nibs, cocoa powder, wild blueberries, tart cherries, sunflower seeds, cranberries, apples, dates, rice protein, and nothing else! All ingredients are raw and organic to the extent possible.

Pure Bars are gluten-free and vegan. Note, however, that they are produced in a facility that processes soy, milk, egg, wheat, and peanut products.

Our tasting sheet

Tasting Notes:

  • Cranberry Orange
    • Kovas – very strong orange flavor; minimal cranberry; crunchy, chewy nut element
    • Laima – very orangey; not too sweet; crunchy and chewy
  • Apple Cinnamon
    • Kovas – good cinnamon smell; great texture and taste; stronger of cinnamon taste, but balanced by apple
    • Laima – cinnamony apples; chewy with bits of apple; also not too sweet
  • Trail Mix
    • Kovas – strong sunflower and chocolate flavor; tastes just like its name!
    • Laima – tastes like a handful of trail mix!
  • Cherry Cashew
    • Kovas – least scented; tarter cherries balance cashew; overall subtle flavor; good texture with crunchiness of nuts; my favorite flavor by far!
    • Laima – nutty; tart cherries; not too sweet
  • Wild Blueberry
    • Kovas – strong blueberry flavor and small; good texture with nutty crunch; strange aftertaste
    • Laima – strong blueberry scent; strange aftertaste; sweeter
  • Chocolate Brownie
    • Kovas – good cocoa smell; least amount of nut texture of all bars; unlike a typical chocolate bar in a very good way
    • Laima – less nutty; not too sweet; chocolaty

Overall Impressions:

Kovas – The first thing I noticed is that overall, they are pretty much a uniform color; probably from dates being the primary ingredient. Only the Chocolate Brownie bar was markedly different. These were, to a bar, good-tasting, felt like they were made of quality ingredients, and as my son Teo noted, if you were vegan you would want to eat these all day long! Simple ingredients, simple packaging, a product I am happy to recommend!

Laima – I like that they’re organic and have protein. Also not too sweet overall compared to other energy bars. I will definitely buy for the kids and myself as treats rather than candy bars or other energy bars.

Check out our kids’ review over at their blog, Kids Try Gear!

Connect with Pure Bar on Facebook and on Twitter, or visit the Pure Bar website.

For a buy-one-get-one-free coupon, fill out the form at http://thepurebar.com/offers/buy-one-get-one-free/.

What better way to end 2010 than with a healthy giveaway? Winner win receive one box of  Pure Bar Snack Bars, in Chocolate Brownie or Cherry Cashew. To enter, simply leave a comment below, telling me one way you will make 2011 a healthier year for you. Giveaway runs through Thursday, January 6th, 2011; winner will be chosen using random.org and posted on Friday, January 7th, 2011.


 (Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free to review on my blog – courtesy of Pure Bar, via Kate at Stanton + Company. I did not pay for these items, receive payment for this review, or agree to give a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company website, the opinions are my own.)

Have a product you’d like reviewed? Contact me at lakotega@yahoo.com.

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