2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Recreation and Home

Last week I posted a Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness, but we are so much more around this household, so I’m following up with a Gift Guide for recreation and home — Enjoy!


2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Recreation + Home


Motorola Talkabout MT350R Radios are ideal for anytime use — they feature reliable two-way communications, up to a 35 mile range, a flashlight (the kids LOVED that!), hands-free capability, NOAA weather channels and best of all, a weatherproof design providing protection from wet weather conditions like snow and rain splashes, as well as dust — so perfect to take on winter hiking and skiing expeditions without worries. They are also important to have year-round as part of an emergency preparedness kit. We used them to keep tabs on Tazer as he zooms around the neighborhood on his bike – such a great way for him to let us know what is going on.
The LED Lenser P3 AFS P little keychain light from Leatherman runs on only one AAA battery and is just over three inches. With focusing options for long-distance, up-close and all points in between, this little powerhouse may just be the final word in compact lighting. Goes anywhere that you have a pocket for, in pants or backpack!
SteriPEN is a small company on the coast of Maine. SteriPENs are used all over the world by travelers, emergency rescue workers, climbers of Mount Everest, householders, weekend hikers, and Navy seals alike. The company offers a half a dozen different models of handheld water purifiers from the original Classic SteriPEN using 4 Lithium or NIMH rechargeable batteries, to a hand-cranking version (LOOK! no batteries!), to the latest that recharge via a USB cable that can be powered from your computer, a wall outlet, or a solar panel. How do you use it? Press a button. Wait till the light blinks. Stir for 48-90 seconds, then drink up. A very simple way to ensure your safety in the outdoors, as well as your family’s – don’t overlook this vital piece of gear!
Hoo-Rags are a highly useful and dynamic tubular bandanna that are a must have for all outdoors enthusiasts — they provide an extra layer of protection and warmth. The Hoo Rag is multifunctional, acting as a bandanna, ponytail holder, headband, and (my kids favorite) a spy/ninja balaclava. Large selection of colors and designs: tartan, paisley, camo, and fishing inspired patterns. Hoo Rag also does custom and wholesale orders, so your imagination is the limitation.
For more protection and comfort, consider carrying a survival poncho. The survival poncho from Coghlan’s provides more wind and rain protection than a blanket, and also leaves the user¹s hands free. The poncho¹s hood is designed to be lower, better protecting the face and neck more than a simple rain poncho. The poncho is made of durable metalized polyethylene and has fully welded seams and is great for any outdoor adventurer to stay prepared for whatever nature throws at them. Can’t be too prepared.
The BugPatch is a safe and natural insect repellent patch that allows you to say good-bye to bugs and messy sprays. A chemical free, transdermal patch that protects kids and adults from mosquitoes, no see-ums, ticks and more. The patch is not only all natural, but also vitamin-based. Offering head to toe protection, the patch sends a stream of Vitamin B1 through the blood stream and then is secreted through the pores as you sweat and masks the odor of carbon dioxide that attracts such insects. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), we didn’t get a chance to try these out, because bug season was over when these arrived, but I’m always willing to give natural products a try!


2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Recreation + Home


Energy Athletic Golf Shirts – made with negative ions to provide an extra boost. The unique advantage of Energy Athletic golf shirts is the exclusive IonX Ionized treatment that embeds negative ions into the structure of the fabric during manufacturing giving you increased power. I don’t know what it is about these shirts, the feel, the cut, or the IonX Ionized treatment, but they are amazingly comfortable — I even wore it running!
Kentwool Performance Socks – blister-free guarantee and ridiculously comfortable. The rocking, innovative design is infused with a proprietary blend of Super Fine Merino Wool yarn—WINDspun by Kentwool—and combined with other premium natural and high-tech fibers. The integrated foot technology system includes a micro-climate feature which promotes wicking and comfort, and reduces friction, abrasion and muscle fatigue. Definitely one of my favorite socks for everything!
LOVE Dragonfly Organix! The Dragonfly Organix Stain Remover (great on blood and sweat) and Dragonfly Organix All-Purpose Cleaner (perfect for vinyl, plastic, and leather sport bags, balls and equipment both work amazingly well and are a must-have in a house that has kids (or anyone else concerned about their health).
What happens when a committed adventurer runs out of youth? Despite the fact that extreme runner Dean Karnazes claims to find ‘magic in misery,’ what you almost certainly don’t think is, “I can’t wait to try that!” Author Jo Deurbrouck might change your mind with her book, “Anything Worth Doing,” (Idaho Falls, ID: Sundog Book Publishing, 2012). The true story of adventure, friendship and tragedy on the last of the West’s great rivers, the Salmon, it is a rumination on the freedom to explore the great outdoors, but also the heavy price that sometimes must be paid.
Tristan Cooley’s Natural Navigator: The Rediscovered Art of Letting Nature Be Your Guide (New York, NY: The Experiment, 2012) is one of those rare books that is simultaneously edifying and great fun to read. Looking at a windswept tree, measuring the depth of a puddle, or listening to the trill of birdsong, these clues can help us navigate in nature without reliance on GPS. Adventurer and navigation expert Tristan Gooley unlocks the directional clues hidden in the sun, moon, stars, clouds, weather patterns, lengthening shadows, changing tides, plant growth, and the habits of wildlife. This book could literally save your life one day! 🙂


(Disclaimer: I was sent these items for possible inclusion in this Gift Guide. I did not pay for the items, receive payment for this post, or agree to use item in the Gift Guide. Aside from information gleaned from the company website, the opinions are my own.)
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