2014: A Great Year Outdoors

This was truly the year of getting outdoors and also trying new stuff – skiing, hiking, camping, orienteering, running, snowshoeing, and geocaching. It truly was a great year outdoors!




“Where Epic Begins” – when we heard that Vail Resorts had purchased Mt. Brighton, it gave us the impetus to pay a visit. With a brother-in-law less than an hour away from the resort, we had palace to stay nearby, so why not?


Mt Brighton


Tazer and I tried snowshoeing for the first time at a local preserve – trails, off-trail, geocaching – a lot of fun!
Snowshoeing Blackwell Forest Preserve Video




Keystone Resort


This Spring, while skiing Breckenridge, we also headed over to nearby Keystone Resort. This was all about the young ‘uns, making sure The Little Worker and Munchkin had as much fun as possible, while also not forgetting about Gaigai and Tazer – we didn’t need to worry, Keystone has the whole family covered.




National Ski Patrol


After endless Saturdays learning an incredible amount of information about how to interview, stabilize, package, and transport victims, I officially became a Ski Patrol member. Now comes the hard part – using what I remember in emergency situations.


Blackwell Family Camping


This summer we got in some family camping at Blackwell Forest Preserve. It’s close to home, centrally located to interesting locations nearby, and is as basic as it gets. The negatives stem from the positives: close by so it’s crowded, on a noisy road, very basic so only minimally back to nature. No worries though, we had fun anyway.




The North Face Endurance Challenge Wisconsin 2014

While I originally planned on running the marathon with Laima, I just couldn’t get it together fitness-wise, so I ran the 5K with Tazer and Gaigai. We had a great weekend RV camping and enjoying nature.



Orienteering 101


Munchkin and I headed over to Waterfall Glen County Forest Preserve for an introduction to orienteering. According to Wikipedia, “Orienteering is a family of sports that requires navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain, and normally moving at speed.” Sounds like fun, and both map-reading and compass skills are useful to know in this GPS-dominant world we live in.


Camping Garden of the Gods

We did a little something different this year for Thanksgiving, driving down to the Garden of the Gods Wilderness. Amazing place to visit, camp, and hike, truly something that belongs on everybody’s bucket list.



Segment Hiking Ice Age Trail Day 1


I had the opportunity to head up to the Kettle Moraine Southern Unit in Wisconsin for some solo segment hiking on the Ice Age Trail and winter camping at Ottawa Lake Campground (where we’ve been several time for The North Face Endurance Challenge Series trail races). Definitely some good alone time, a chance to practice some new skills, and spend some time in beautiful nature.


PalubinskasFamily Geocaching


One of my goals this year was to get to 100 geocaches found, which turned out not to be a problem, as we finished with 113. It’s a great way to get the family outdoors visiting new places, even ones nearby you’d never think to go to.


Hope 2015 gives you and yours lots of opportunities to try get outdoors and try new things!

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5 thoughts on “2014: A Great Year Outdoors

  1. You guys had a GREAT year. I really want to try out snowshoeing and cross country skiing this winter, not sure if that'll happen or not… I also really want to get back down to the Shawnee area; some of your posts have definitely prompted that!

  2. What a wonderful year full of a variety of outdoor adventures! I'm jealous of all your time in Colorado. Some of my favorite memories are from snowboarding and snowshoeing out there!

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