RockNBlog: Training Aids

Even though I haven’t been running a whole lot, I’ve been continuing my training by walking, mountain biking, and working on my weight by calorie-counting. It all helps. As part of this recent activity, I’ve been testing out some products that can help you keep track of and keep you more comfortable while training.

RockNBlog: Training Aids

The TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Sport Watch is the easiest way to help you improve all your workouts. This stylish, easy-to-use device tracks your fitness stats, like pace, distance and calories burnt in real-time while you work out. The watch also features a built-in heart rate monitor that can maximize your workout without the annoying chest-strap. As you can see from the photo, it is a lot more sleek than my old Garmin, and the lack of a chest strap is a huge step up in the comfort department. Besides the lack of a strap, the Multi-Sport has an additional feature that is very cool, in that it measures your recovery at the end of a session (by comparing your heart rate at finish and one minute later). I have lots of work to do!

RockNBlog: Training Aids

Journal Menu creates journals for all sorts of activities, allowing you to track your runs and plan for races. They sent me a customized version (they’re available in remade or custom covers) and I love the simplicity of it. If you’re a fan of keeping track of training on paper rather than electronically, these journals are definitely the way to go.

RockNBlog: Training Aids

Now that it’s getting hot, chafing becomes a much more real problem you might encounter. Nip it in the bud by using body glide, which is wax-based, so it isn’t oily. If you’re a triathlete, this is a wetsuit safe product, so you can use without worries. Walkers, runners, and hikers can apply where needed to prevent friction discomfort from shoes or clothing.

These products were provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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