Outdoor Tech Protection Gear Review

Year-round it’s important to protect our technology when venturing outdoors, whether it’s from dust, drops, water or other. As we move into Winter, conditions can get worse and the protection becomes more important. Depending on one’s gear, there are a lot of options on how best to protect it. Here’s a round-up of some well-known brands and what we thought of them:

Outdoor Tech Protection Gear Review

Catalyst: Catalyst joined us after the Summer Market ORShow for the #hikerchat outing, passing out samples at Teton Sports HQ. I received the iPhone 6 case (MSRP $69.99) in marsala (reddish), which I took home to let Laima try out. It’s designed to be waterproof to 16.4 ft (5m) and to meet military standards for drops up to 6.6 ft. We didn’t put the waterproofness to the test completely, but the one time Laima took the case off, she dropped her phone and cracked the screen. iPhones are slippery!

Outdoor Tech Protection Gear Review

Lifeproof: I used the FRÉ for iPhone 6 (MSRP $79.99) on Hell Hike And Raft 2015, with no issues for the most part. This phone case is supposed to be waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof, shock proof. After 2 days on the river, however, there was some fogging inside, so moisture was getting in, bummer. Not sure if this case was somehow defective or what happened – I had tested it at home for waterproofness as indicated by the instructions, with no issues. Shows how epic our trip was.

Outdoor Tech Protection Gear Review

Pelican i1015: I had heard many good things about Pelican cases, but these two items were my first experience in real life. This is a waterproof case (designed for the iPhone 4, MSRP $40.95) with an external jack that allows full use of the phone’s ophone and volume commands. This is a brute of a case and would be ideal for the harshest conditions. For day to day use, though, it’s far too bulky.

Outdoor Tech Protection Gear Review

Pelican 1055 Case (MSRP $44.50): This hardback case is ideal for protecting a tablet (fits the Kindle Fire, NOOK color, Blackberry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.1 and the new iPad® Mini) during rough travel. Watertight, crushproof, and dustproof, I would definitely trust this case with my Tablet.  It would be nice if they added a feature to use the case as a stand.

Outdoor Tech Protection Gear Review

Urban Armor Gear Scout Folio Case for iPad Mini 4, MSRP$49.95:  Our son absolutely loved this for his iPad Mini and has not removed it since he got it. Besides the security of the protection it gives, he also digs that the cover becomes a stand, handy when he’s watching videos.

Outdoor Tech Protection Gear Review

Urban Armor Gear Aero Case for iPhone 6/6S, MSRP $34.95: even though it’s not waterproof, the fact that this case is incredibly light while still super protective (I’ve dropped my phone several times with no problems), this is my daily go-to now. Add in the fact that it’s really bad-ass looking, and I can pretend that I’m not a mild-mannered suburban dad at all.

These items were provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own

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2 thoughts on “Outdoor Tech Protection Gear Review

  1. Sounds like good stuff, even if not the most attractive. When the Caveman got me my first iPhone, he dropped it before he even gave it to me. I wondered what the crazy scratch on it was…
    My Garmin gets that fogged up quality. Guess moisture got in there too.


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