Without a doubt, the two weeks of ORShow (Winter and Summer) are highlights of the year. Besides seeing a bunch of outrageously cool gear at the show itself, it’s an opportunity for me to hang out with cool outdoorsy folks I don’t get to see very often. Added to the week of the show and hanging out with friends is the connected #hikerchat outing, organized by Teton Sports, which is another way to make friends and put faces to Twitter handles. This year we’re turning it up to eleven.


Jeff (of Missouri Howell notoriety) casually mentioned he might be open to showing up a bit early for Summer Show and going for a wee walk. One thing led to another, and a group of us decided to dirtbag it for a few days in the Uintas Mountains, due East of Salt Lake City, which meant we could get quite a few miles in over a few days. Thus, #UintasHike16 was born.

Jeff, myself, Paulina of Little Grunts, her beau Josh, Rozanne of Mountain Matron, Jes of Chronic Climber Chick, and Josh of Raw Trails are all in. Our plan is to hike for 3 days, camping along the way, beating up on old favorite gear and trying new (possible) favorites along the way.


We then realized that this was a perfect opportunity for brands to get some field testing done, with immediate feedback at Outdoor Retailer. Thanks to Teton Sports, OxygenPlus, Merrell, SoulCare by CCCCloudine, Catalyst, Simple Squares, TravelChair,  Lifestraw, Enerplex, Mountain House, Bounce, Opinel, and Lawson Hammock for coming on board!So, if you’re a brand (or are a public relations company) that wants to partner with us, shoot me an email at Kovas@MidwestBasecamp.com (or one of the others, we’re all in the same gang). Thanks in advance and hope to meet up at ORShow!

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