Timex Metropolitan+ Activity Tracker Gear Review

Timex Metropolitan+ Activity Tracker Gear Review

I enjoy the simplicity and ease of digital technology, but deep down, I’m an analog guy. I don’t think I’d ever wear a digital watch and the digital fitness trackers I own are used and put away as needed. When I discovered at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market that Timex made an analog fitness tracker, I knew I had to try it and was so excited when they sent me a sample to test out and review.

The Metropolitan+ looks like a typical analog watch, with the addition of 2 dials and a 2nd second hand. One dial sets the watch to Steps, Distance, Bluetooth and Off, while the second doubles as a percentage of distance or steps, whichever mode has been chosen. The tracker uses Bluetooth and the Timex Connected app to keep track – while the app only tracks steps, distance and calories burned, there is a plan to add sleep monitoring at some point.

Timex Metropolitan+ Activity Tracker Gear Review

I’ve been really happy with the performance of this fitness tracker. While I take all the measurements with a grain of salt, it seems pretty accurate for the distance at least. It has been really motivating to wear this and keep track, especially for the steps – I’ve found myself heading out the door after dinner sometimes just to make sure my total step goal has been reached.

Timex Metropolitan+ Activity Tracker Gear Review

If you’re in the market for a fitness tracker but don’t want to add yet another gadget to your gear closet, consider the Metropolitan+; fitness tracking that doubles as an everyday wear watch. At a MSRP of $140, it isn’t expensive considering it’s 2 items in one. Add in that, to my eye, this is a really good-looking watch and, since it’s from Timex, it’s bound to last forever.

The app is free and relatively easy to set up. Which brings up the only con – no included directions meant trips to the website to figure out just how this watch works. An explanation for the dials and extra hand could easily be included and would go a long way in helping newbies out.

*This fitness tracker was provided to me for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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