2017: A Look Forward

I have high hopes for 2017; with 2016 being such an up and down year (happily more ups than downs), I’m hoping that the only adventures I have are of the outdoor kind. At this time, I have several bigger trips planned, but that’s not all.

2017: A Look Forward

Coming up in less than two weeks is the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market – it seems to be a slightly off show, with many people not attending due to its mid-week time slot. I’m super bummed that many of my friends won’t be there, but it’s also a time to deepen relationships and, hopefully, make new ones.

I have nothing planned until the Summer Market, so hopefully I’ll be able to plug in some microadventures along the way. One of the things I’m going to work on is extending my local trips so that I can see more of the Midwest. I’m also hoping to make them more active, bringing along my SUP, kayak, or mountain bike rather than just hiking and camping.

Just prior to ORShow in July, we’re planning another pre-show outing à la UintasHike16. It’s not set in stone, but canyoneering is on the table and I’m super excited, since I’ve never done that. Desert climbing was also mentioned, but really anything would be great.

One of the things I’m most excited about is a family trip to Lithuania we are planning, my ancestral homeland. I’ve visited 3 times and it’s a new experience every time. The kids have been once or twice depending on age, but this should be a trip that remains in their psyche for life, as they’re all at impressionable ages. We’re thinking about flying in through Riga, which would be great since I’ve never visited Latvia. Hopefully we’ll get over to the coast again, though the primary destination will be my parent’s farm.

I’ve got some Pie in the Sky Dreams this summer: learning to skydive and earning a pilot’s license, both of which have long been on my bucket list. Maybe this is the year? Hopefully it is for at least one if not both.

Is this the year I lose weight and regain fitness? I sure hope so.

What’s a big plan you have for 2017?

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