Active Outdoors: Kovas of Midwest Basecamp

I was born in Los Angeles, and spent most of my youth there, with two trips to live in Europe (once in Austria and twice in Finland). The majority of my memories are connected to Huntington Beach (Surf City USA!), probably the best place in the world to grow up.

Active Outdoors: Kovas of Midwest Basecamp

From an early age, I remember my dad taking us on outdoor adventures: camping, hiking, wildflower viewing, bouldering. Favorite memories include catching a fish barehanded in a little stream that ran through a campsite, bouldering in Joshua Tree (much to the chagrin of my mom, who couldn’t keep me from destroying every piece of clothing I owned), and seeing wildflowers bloom all over the Anza Borrego desert.

As I got older, the adventures continued, both with my family and with like-minded friends. I remember a 100 mile bike ride from home down to San Diego, with no brakes (discovered after we got going, haha). And, while there may be another place in the world to do this (New Zealand?): skiing and surfing in the same day (boy was the water cold!).

Now I write this outdoors blog as an adult and, after many years of focusing on our young family, I started adventuring again less than a decade ago. Back in 2008, I attempted a winter ascent of Mt Washington – we failed due to extreme weather, but it got me moving again. Since then I’ve raced triathlons, run an ultramarathon, hiked and rafted in Idaho for Hell Hike and Raft, and also worked on instilling the travel and outdoors bugs in my own kids. Time will tell if I’ve succeeded.

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