Active Outdoors

Active Outdoors

While not the actual definition of tribe, I believe that tribes are a group of people, like a family, who share customs, interests, and maybe some common characteristics. I would certainly suggest that our outdoor family is a sort of tribe, with the goal of enjoying the outdoors, though not necessarily in the same fashion, goal, or enjoyment. That being said, there are uncountable stories to be shared, via virtual campfire, of people being active outdoors. My goal with this new Active Outdoors collection, is to share those stories. My preference is to meet you, interview you, and then share your story with everyone else in the tribe, but I’m open to pretty much anything.

Some of you I’ll seek out, some stories will fall in my lap, others will raise their hands as volunteers.

Interested in participating? Make plans to meet with me. Write your story, add pictures, and send it over. Create a video that tells your story – I’m happy to share it.

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