ADS Sports Eyewear Try Before You Buy

ADS Sports Eyewear Try Before You Buy

In our continued partnership with ADS Sports Eyewear, we opted to try out their “Try Before You Buy” program, an opportunity to try out a non-prescription version of the frames first. The Try-Out pair of glasses are shipped as soon as possible, so they may not be the exact color that you wanted, but they give you an idea of the fit and look for that particular model. If you have to try the particular color, ADS simply waits until they are available and then ships them.

“Try Before You Buy” starts by ordering the prescription version of the glasses just as if you were ordering the finished product. Order as many glasses as you would like to try on — Laima, who needs prescription glasses, was our guinea pig and ordered 5 frames. You fill in the prescription form just as if you are ordering prescription lenses. This gives ADS an opportunity to check the compatibility of the glasses you chose with your prescription. In our case, Laima wanted to try a pair of Maui Jim Makahas, but the frames did not work with her prescription. Good to know.

Your credit card is charged for the frames, but not the prescription lenses (since the glasses you receive do not yet have prescription lenses). A 100% credit is applied when the frames are returned. Shipping is always done at no charge on orders over $100.00, as long as you live in the 48 contiguous United States.

Laima tried out the frames and then proceeded to supermodel them for me — I had my preferences and, happily, she liked the same ones I did, the Adizero Smalls. She ad requested them in black, but they arrived in a transparent frame, which I liked better than the black, so we’ll she if she opts to change that order.

Next up: we’ll order Laima’s prescription sunglasses, then have her try them out, and I’ll report back on her response.

Disclaimer:  We did not cover the cost of the frames that they sent us (customers cover the cost of the frames usually). ADS Sports Eyewear also provided us with a prepaid return label (customers usually pay for return shipping).

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5 thoughts on “ADS Sports Eyewear Try Before You Buy

  1. That is really nice! I use reading glasses but that's it. In all my years of running I've run with sunglasses only once…hated it and never done it again.

  2. I have Rx sunglasses I wear that I bought in order to drive. They aren't very good for “sports” (ie. running, cycling, etc). I keep thinking about trying to buy something more conducive to my activities, but have kind of been procrastinating. Love this idea!

  3. Johann,
    What was it about the sunglasses that you did not like? Overall comfort? We highly recommend some form of UV protection if you are spending extended amounts of time in the sun. Long term exposure can definitely catch up down the road:/

    ADS Sports Eyewear

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