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After a few months of CrossFit, I was still struggling with some (actually most) of the Olympic lifts, specifically with my wrists breaking down under pressure. Over time my wrists will strengthen as they get worked more, but until then I needed help. I noticed some of the more experienced folks put wrist wraps on before certain exercises, so I asked the coaches about that. Wrist Wraps protect your wrists by providing support and stability to the wrist during a workout; they minimize stress to the joints and allow for a more complete workout. Coach Mike suggested I wear them for all Olympic lifting – the box has some house pairs for those who don’t have their own, so I put on a pair and immediately knew I needed to get them.

Atlas Power Wraps

I reached out to Atlas Power Wraps, as they had a good reputation on the web and the coaches at the box also praised them. Atlas Power Wraps makes wrist wraps specially designed for CrossFit. Washable (hand wash and lay flat to dry) and easy to use, they’re an essential tool for CrossFitters, as I found out myself.

When they arrived, I was a bit flummoxed, as the straps were simple fabric rectangles with a long string at one end. How was I supposed to put them on? The wrist straps I had seen and tried had elastic and hook and loop fasteners to get them tight. Happily, Nicko (the owner of Atlas) sent me written instructions and a link to a video: How to put on Atlas Power Wraps

Since I’ve received them, I have put them to good use, using them not only for Olympic weightlifting, but also WODs that include exercises which stress my wrists (like ones that include pushups or handstand pushups). Not only do they make me look totally badass (no mean feat and possibly only in my own mind), but the confidence I have now is so much stronger. While I’m not pushing the weight totals quickly, I feel that most of the lifts I try are doable. It’s nice to know that at least one thing (wrist stability) is taken care of.
The simplicity of the wrap is great (form following function) and, without elastic or hook and loop fasteners, will not stretch or lose elasticity. I should have these wraps for as long as I like. The only reason I can imagine replacing them is to get customized wraps, or ones that have our box, CrossFit Amplify, on them.

Atlas Power Wraps Styles

All of their wraps are manufactured in Los Angeles, my hometown, which makes them doubly cool.
More info can be found on the Atlas Power Wraps website,  by liking on Facebook,  and following on Twitter.
Disclaimer: These wraps were sent to me free of charge, for review purposes. Some information was taken from the company’s website, but all opinions are my own.

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