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BarkBox is a monthly surprise of dog toys, treats, and goodies! Subscribe for your pup, give as a dog gift, or buy single boxes as desired. Since Zoe our Adventure Dog is new to our home, we decided to order one box for xmas to check them out. Also, since she’s on her way to being spoiled, we made it a Double Deluxe (For just $19 more, DOUBLE the toys, treats, and chews).

What comes in a BarkBox? Every BarkBox has at least 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a chew, curated from each month’s unique themed collection. The box we bought was called Dogsmas in the City (It’s a Miracle on 34th Squeak!) – the howlidays in the big city! Haha, the toys were all xmas themed, unusual, fun and clever.

Photo showing contents of the BarkBox Dogsmas box


Boxes are sold by the size of the dog: small and puppy (0-20 pounds, but how is a dog 0 pounds?), medium (20-50 pounds), and large (50+ pounds). Maybe your dog is the World Chompion of destructiveness? They offer Heavy Chewer and Super Chewer options – these are free pupgrades to any BarkBox subscription that delivers more durable toys with that month’s theme.

Lots of folks wonder if it’s possible to get a free BarkBox. I didn’t see that option anywhere, but maybe it’s one of their occasional coupons.  You can earn a free month for every friend who signs up by sharing a referral code with friends, so there is that as well.

Adventure Dog Zoe enjoying a BarkBox duck chew


One way to get a discount is to search for BarkBox Groupon offers. Unfortunately, if you’re an existing customer, no soup for you. Groupons are for brand new customers only, but you can purchase one to give as a gift to a friend, so remember it is better to give than to receive.

Any sort of warranty? If your pup doesn’t totally love an item in their BarkBox, they’ll send you a replacement for FREE! Not sure how they know if your dog actually likes it or not, but hey, free.

Adventure Dog Zoe with a BarkBox dog toy

Is BarkBox worth it? Zoe loved everything in the box and chomped happily on everything we gave her. All in, our Double Deluxe single box order was $54. Could we have gone to the store and purchased similar products for the same price? Maybe.

The truth is that it was nice for it to arrive in the mail, thematically correct, with minimal effort on our part. Would I do it again? Maybe, but a monthly shipment is just too often. Ordering 2-4 times a year seems more appropriate, I wish they added that to their subscription (a single box is more expensive).

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    1. She really has loved everything – I just can’t imagine getting a monthly box, our house is messy enough without adding new toys every month and just getting rid of the old ones monthly seems so wasteful.

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