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Bialetti Coffee Maker, Grinder, and Coffee

For some of us, good coffee on the go is a necessity, or at least a beloved luxury. It’s not easy to find products that work well both at home and in the field. Yes, it’s possible to buy gear that’s been made specifically to take out into the wild, but it’s usually not practical for use at home. Samples from Bialetti made me a very happy camper.

Bialetti coffee makers are not one of those products created as highly specialized (well, sort of). Actually created to make great espresso at home, these coffee makers translate extremely well to use in the outdoors. Practically indestructible, not overly heavy – if you have a heat source, water, and coffee, you can use Bialettis anywhere.

Using the Bialetti Brikka Coffee Maker and Manual Coffee Grinder Outdoors
Using the Bialetti Brikka Coffee Maker and Manual Coffee Grinder Outdoors

New to me is their ground coffee. Since it’s made to be used in their coffee makers, you just know it’s going to taste good. And it does. Ground perfectly, these give you a perfect cup of Bialetti coffee every time.

Ground coffee is fine, but whole beans are easier to transport and there is nothing like coffee made with freshly ground beans. Bialetti’s manual coffee grinder allows adjustment for desired grind coarseness, which gives you the coffee you want, not what somebody else has packaged.

Bialetti Manual Coffee Grinder

The grinder is also mostly made of plastic and separates, which makes it easy to bring along anywhere. It’s also lightweight, yet another reason not to leave it at home, whether car camping, backpacking, or even for a picnic in the park.

Bialetti sent me one of their Brikka coffee pots, and it was quite interesting to compare it to my old Mukka Express, which it appears they don’t make anymore.

Much sleeker and with sharp angles, the Brikka definitely looks more contemporary, though it actually hearkens back to the original Moka Express, circa 1933. It’s also easier to use and clean, though one of the things I love about these coffee makers is the patina they gain as they are used.

Whether at home or on the go, Bialetti has the products you need to make great coffee anywhere.

*Product provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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