Book Review: Adventure Ready

When we headed out recently to the Quad Cities for some outdoor fun (don’t roll your eyes, it was surprisingly amazing – read more about the Quad Cities Outdoors), I wasn’t expecting to meet someone who was great fun to hang out with, had unbelievable energy (oh to be young again), and was truly a fan of finding local experiences to enjoy. Enter Wade, author of the blog Intrepid Daily and a great guide for a hiking adventure.

Book Review: Adventure Ready

Turns out Wade is not just a blogger, but an author of an e-book, Adventure Ready: Plan and Prepare for Your First (or Next) Big Adventure. With large type that benefits those of us of an advanced age, Wade writes about everything you need to plan that adventure, from the basics to actually getting out the door.

Wade writes in a conversational tone, as if he was giving you suggestions at the local bar or hanging over coffee (pick your poison). He’s laid out a methodical process from planning (destination vs activity), gearing up (where to look for deals), to making it all happen right the first time (yes, that’s possible). So, read up, get prepared, file your flight plan and go. “Most importantly, have fun. Adventure is meant to be enjoyed!”

Want your own copy? Head over to Intrepid Daily, sign up for the email newsletter, and you get a copy to download at your leisure. By signing up,  you get an e-mail alert every time he publishes new content. Not a bad deal at all.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Kovas! I’m glad that you enjoyed the book, and I really appreciate you sharing it with your readers. I hope it comes in handy for as many people as possible!

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