Book Review: Backpacking 101

With a title like Backpacking 101: Choose the Right Gear, Plan Your Ultimate Trip, Cook Hearty and Energizing Trail Meals, Be Prepared for Emergencies, Conquer Your Backpacking Adventures (phew!), Heather Balogh Rochfort promises the reader quite a lot. And….the woman behind the Just A Colorado Gal blog delivers.

Book Review: Backpacking 101

First, plan your trip and make sure you are physically and mentally prepared. Better yet, find a mentor. Get the right gear (appropriate for the chosen outing), pack enough food, and get going! Heather’s book makes it that simple, with suggestions on all the above. Add in setting up camp (tent, bed, and kitchen) and the broad details are taken care of.

But it doesn’t stop there. Backcountry hygiene (everybody poops, but may not know how in the woods), how to navigate safely, and even trail/camping etiquette are covered as well. As Adam Buchanan states in the Advance Praise: “Anyone could get started backpacking using this guide.”

Advanced backpackers may not find new tips in this book, but it’s a good basic resource to have on hand when planning a trip, if only as a reminder on what to do in emergency situations. And, if you want to take your dog along, Heather has included an Appendix to help you out.

Backpacking 101 delivers on what it promises: a soup to nuts primer on getting yourself out on the trail, first trip or experienced. Use it to plan the trip, enjoy the experience, and be safe while doing so.

*This book was provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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