Brooks Running PureFlow Product Review

PureCadence on left, PureFlow on right

“The PureProject collection is a tribute to runners with a sense of adventure and a craving to grab their run by the horns. Radically lightweight, flexible materials merge with smart design to naturally align your stride and empower every push-off.” (Source: Brooks Running)
Split toe sole (to let your big toe work independently), an anatomical fit, an elastic band over the top of the shoe for a snugger fit, a minimal 4 mm offset from heel to toe, and a slimmer heel to encourage midfoot striking – these are the design points that Brooks put forward as a reason to wear these new shoes. The Collection consists of the PureConnect (the lightest and most flexible), the PureFlow (cushioned comfort), PureCadence (stability), and PureGrit (trail). I was lucky enough to try out the PureFlow, while Laima reviews the PureCadence over at Women’s Endurance Gear.

Two things you notice about the PureProject collection – their somewhat funky design and the vibrant colors of some of the shoes. I couldn’t resist and requested a pair in a vibrant green and yellow combination.
Fitwise, these shoes had a nice roomy toebox and actually were a bit longer than other Brooks shoes I’ve tried. The other Brooks shoes I’ve run have just fit with thin socks – not uncomfortable, just didn’t work with socks that had heavy forefoot cushioning. With the PureFlows, I felt like no sock was off limits.
When you run in size 13s like I do, you kind of expect a heavy shoe – that’s not the case with the PureFlows. Incredibly light but still cushioned, perfect for a bigger runner like myself.

Even though the cushioning does its job well, you never feel like you’ve lost contact with the ground. I ran with the PureFlows on the treadmill, street, sidewalks, gravel trails, and singletrack, and felt comfortable in all situations. Grip was adequate in a variety of footings, including some sucky mud on a wooded trail.
I’m not sure how many miles I’ve put on the PureFlows, butt they still look and feel brand new out of the box, pretty amazing after the variety of surfaces I’ve thrown at them. These are really well built and high quality shoes.
If you’re intrigued by the PureProject collection, I’d recommend trying them out, I’m sure one of the options would work for most people.

(Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free to review on my blog – courtesy of Brooks Running. I did not pay for the item, receive payment for this review, or agree to give a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company website, the opinions are my own.)

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8 thoughts on “Brooks Running PureFlow Product Review

  1. The Pure Flows have become my primary running shoe over the last 5 months. I like to rotate them with the Brooks Launch and it took me some time to get used to the 4mm drop but I absolutely love this shoe.

    I've run in the pure connects as well. Excellent flat for racing. I do not put a ton of training miles on the connects due to the minimal amount of cushioning but these shoes are FAST on race day!

  2. I am reading this as I dress for my run…my first try in my new PureFlow! I've been wanting these shoes since Nov and can't wait to try them out…Here I go!

  3. I have the Pure Flow. cannot say I love them yet. I dissagree about the sock thing for me not enough room for any socks but that's ok enough room for the ones I usually wear. I rotate them with other Brooks shoes. right now I can only run in Pure Flow for 4 to 6 miles. I still prefer the Ravenna 2 to the Pure Flow at the moment. I think Pure Flow are good for me to focus on form.

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