C4 Waterman Disney Moana iSUP Package Review

C4 Waterman Disney Moana iSUP Package

When I visited Paddlesports Retailer last year, I snagged a Disney Moana iSUP Package at a great discount from the guys at C4 Waterman. Recommended for ages 5 to 15, this meant that I could grab a little one on my board and have the other use the Moana board and switch off to keep things interesting.

This set includes everything needed for a kid (or smaller adult) to get started: inflatable SUP board, pump with pressure gauge, and an adjustable fiberglass paddle specifically designed for younger (or smaller) hands. A breathable mesh carry bag means easy transport and storage.

C4 Waterman Disney Moana iSUP paddling

This inflatable SUP board is constructed using a high density drop-stitch PVC vinyl fabric with reinforced twin walls, which makes it feel sturdy and able to handle the rigors of an outdoors child. This feels like a quality board.

At 15 pounds, 7′ long,  and 26″ wide, this is a relatively small board and easily carried by larger kids. Otherwise, it’s also small enough to carry it under one arm by a parent.

We haven’t used the attached D-ring for a leash, but it’s nice to have the option.

C4 Waterman Disney Moana iSUP board

Another nice touch are the three permanent flexible fins, which means there is no sharp edge for little ones to cut themselves on. The flexibility also means they’re not going to break if dropped onto a hard surface.

Since it’s a smaller board, it doesn’t take long to pump it up. Make it even easier by using an electric pump, like the Flextail Gear Tropo, at least to get it started.

While it takes some time for most paddlers to get used to inflatable paddle boards, it’s worth taking a look at this board just for the ease of use, easy storage, and high performance in one package.

Hey, keep your kids safe and make sure they wear a personal flotation device (PFD)! I can recommend the Onyx Youth Paddle Sports Life Jacket.

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