Camp Food: Good To-Go

Gourmet Dehydrated Food for Camping

Good To-Go provided us some samples to test out over our Spring Break road trips (Easter Weekend and southern Illinois). They consider themselves a gourmet food company, which is supported by the packaging and food visually. The food is gluten-free, primarily non-GMO, does not have any preservatives or additives, and is made in Maine, which also adds a certain cachet.

Camp Food: Good To-Go

We were all pretty excited to try these meals out, as prepared vegetarian sometimes misses the mark. These meals were very good, however, you have to pay attention to notice that they are not straight vegetarian, but pescatarian. Two of the meals either have fish as an ingredient or were prepared in a facility that handles fish. This meant, unfortunately, that I could try only one of the three they sent. I’ll have to take my family’s word that the others were good.

Camp Food: Good To-Go

The company only has 4 items on their website, three of which are vegetarian (our sample of Indian Vegetable Korma is not available on the website), with the remaining one pescatarian. They do plan on creating meals with meat, which will up the choices.

Meals provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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