Camp Food: Harmony Valley Foods Camp Cuisine

It’s not unusual for a company to add vegetarian options to their line, but Harmony Valley Foods takes it further by offering only vegetarian foods. They provided us with a few of their Camp Cuisine products to test out during our Spring Break road trips (Easter Weekend and southern Illinois). Their approach is different than other camp food companies, in that they don’t provide meals, but rather standalone products (hummus) or ingredients to be added to others (powdered vegetarian sausage or “beef).

Camp Food: Harmony Valley Foods Camp Cuisine

Hummus is a family favorite, is a healthy snack, and can be eaten in various ways, i.e. with bread, apples, veggies, etc. Easy to mix, the only slight negative is that one must remember to bring olive oil along as an extra ingredient. A minor matter. We ate the breakfast sausage as patties, but can be shaped or not as you wish, and eaten on its own or in a one-pot dish. The “sausage” is not your typical breakfast sausage, but it’s tasty, has a firm texture, and is a decent option for a change from the usual or if you happen to bring vegetarians along. One caveat: it contains soy and wheat, so not appropriate for all diets.

Camp Food: Harmony Valley Foods Camp Cuisine

From a more interesting snack to meat alternatives at meals, Camp Cuisine has a place in your camp diet. Extend your meals with the meat alternatives or mix it up during snack time with the hummus.

Products provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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