Camp Food: MaryJanesFarm

While we were enjoying our Spring Break road trips (Easter Weekend and southern Illinois), we enjoyed many good meals, with camp food from companies we weren’t familiar with, like MaryJanesFarm. They don’t have a huge selection of camp food, but it’s organic, which is a huge plus in our book. They go beyond healthier farming practices, too – MaryJanesFarm purchases renewable energy for their headquarters and food production facility.

Camp Food: MaryJanesFarm

Organic doesn’t matter, however, if the food isn’t good, and this food is really good. The Bare Burrito was a revelation – it truly tasted like a burrito, though eaten with a spoon. Kind of a strange experience, but yummy. We also really enjoyed the two noodle-based dishes we received: Alfredo Pasta and Chili Mac (devoured instantly and near-fights to finish the pouches). I personally didn’t care for the Curried Lentil Bisque, as curry anything means big spice flavors to me and this just didn’t have it. Others thought the subtle flavors were good – the pouch got finished, which is definitely a good sign.

Camp Food: MaryJanesFarm

In our opinion, there are two negatives to this product, neither a deal-breaker. The pouches are not resealable, so you really need a way to keep them closed (see clasps in photos above). Either the lack of resealing or the material of the pouches also resulted in these meals cooling off quite a bit more quickly than ones from other companies. The food still tasted good, just not hot.

These are pouches that will come with us on future trips – not only are they good for us and the earth, but they have incredible taste. A little more work, but definitely on the shopping list, is their Organic Brownies – these are meant to be baked in a skillet, but I have a feeling they’d be worth the time and effort.

Meals provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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