Camp Food: OvaEasy Powdered Eggs

One of my favorite breakfasts is the old standby eggs and bacon, but it’s not easy to make it while camping, though not impossible. For our two recent road trips (Easter weekend and southern Illinois), Nutriom provided us samples of their OvaEasy Powdered Egg and OvaEasy French Toast Mix. No eggs to bring along and worry about breaking? Yes!

Camp Food: OvaEasy Powdered Eggs

Some reviews I’ve read have groused about the texture of the OvaEasy Powdered Egg – of course it’s highly personal, so I can’t say they are wrong, but I liked the texture, as did the rest of the family. It cooked up like the omelettes I make at home. I also had no problems mixing the egg crystals with water and am not sure why others couldn’t get all the lumps out. The taste was also good, though the eggs definitely needed salt, in my opinion.

The OvaEasy French Toast Mix was definitely a hit with the family – easy to mix, cooked just like real French Toast, and we had it with bacon, so it was an extra great breakfast. I once again thought extra salt would have been nice, but I enjoyed the subtle spice flavors along with everyone else. We had forgotten the maple syrup (oh no!), but no one gave up a piece anyway. Success!

Camp Food: OvaEasy Powdered Eggs

OvaEasy are great additions to a camp food kitchen – not heavy and only water is needed to get them ready for cooking. Whether the texture and taste are to your liking is up to you to find out, but we all thought they were really good and will be bringing these along on our road trips in the future.

These products were provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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