Camping and Hiking with Chums

One of the cool things about doing things I love, like hiking and camping, is that I occasionally get turned on to a company that had never crossed my radar before. This was the case recently with Chums, a company I knew about but always associated with eyeglass cords and such, but turns out they also sell sun protection, along with a plethora of outdoor accessories. Outside PR sent me a couple of their products to check out, which I happily did.

Camping and Hiking with Chums

The Gizmo Case (green case in photo) is a larger sized padded accessory case constructed with what feels like bulletproof nylon, and is actually a heavy duty ballistic nylon (sounds bulletproof). A water-resistant zipper opens up to a central compartment, big enough to hold a small camera, your smartphone, or similarly sized objects, and has a couple of slots sewn in for smaller things, like keys.

This case has 3 ways to attach it, from a small carabiner to a belt loop, along with a hook and loop closure for going around things like backpack straps. Great design.

The Smokey Fire Starter Paracord Bracelet serves several functions – its bright orange color is an added safety measure if worn during hunting season, the paracord itself can be used in emergency situations, and the flint and striker will give you fire should you forget the matches or run out. This one item belongs in everyone’s pack, as it helps with two of the 10 Essentials: fire and gear repair.

The Vortex Bottle Keychain is not a necessity, but certainly handy to have along. Attach your keys to the ring, then use the carabiner to attach it inside or to your pack to keep them safe (nothing like hiking back to the car and having no idea where your keys are).

The carbine gate doubles as a bottle opener, though a traditional bottle opener is also molded into the body of the keychain. Even if you don’t need this for camping and hiking, it’s a cool-looking keychain that can be slipped into your pocket or attached to a loop in your pants for extra security.

It is so cool to be surprised by a company that I had pigeonholed in one way, but is doing good things in a field I had no idea they were even in. I’ll be on the lookout for other products from them to add to my gear closet.

These items were provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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