Catalyst Case iPhone 6 Review

Like most, I bring my phone wherever I go, using it to communicate but also to document. It gets nerve-wracking around (or in) water and in places where damage will occur if dropped. Not every case is built the same, nor do they all cover every situation. I’m a fan of Catalyst and was happy to hear they were providing cases as a partner of UintasHike16.

Catalyst Case Gear Review

When purchasing a protective case for your phone, be sure to read the fine print. I had a recent experience with a Catalyst competitor’s case that failed when my son jumped into a lake with his phone. Turns out the competitor’s case was rated only to 6 feet (6 feet!). The Catalyst case is designed to be waterproof to 16.4 ft (5m) and to meet military standards for drops up to 6.6 ft (2m), which is a more realistic likelihood in real life.

Cons. To me the case is on the bulky side, but that also adds to the feeling of protection. The biggest con is that, while Catalyst feels that their case does not impact photo quality, to me it definitely does – there is an added graininess to images which, while not noticeable in a general photo, quickly becomes apparent if zooming in after the fact.

I made use of the Catalyst Case before, during, and after the Uintas16 hike and have had no issues with it. I’ve dropped my phone several times, taken it underwater (so worried the whole time!) at my in-law’s pool, and generally abused it on a daily basis. While I’ll never totally trust any case to protect my phone 100%, this is the most comfortable I’ve been taking my phone into less safe environments. I also replaced my son’s case with a Catalyst, so if he jumps in any more lakes, and he will, I’m confident we’re good.

*This product provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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