Cauldryn Fyre Mobile Bottle Review

Cauldryn Fire Mobile Modular Water Bottle in pieces

How often have you wished for a battery-powered hot water bottle when you’re out on an adventure? Or how about a rechargeable electric hot water bottle that keeps your beverage warm almost indefinitely.

Better yet, what some might call a self boiling mug or water bottle, one that boils water when you need it? That my friends, is the Cauldryn Fire.

I almost didn’t believe it when I was offered a review sample of the Fyre. A water bottle that makes winter adventuring more pleasant and also is a survival tool year-round is a great addition to the gear closet.

The Cauldryn Fyre has a modular design. It’s a vacuum insulated stainless bottle with a two-stage lid (large and small opening, my fave). Integrated in this is the Fyre heating element, which, using a base, plugs in to an outlet and offers unlimited boil, brew, high heat, or drink cycles.

The Mobile model includes a rechargeable battery, so you can take it with you wherever you go (a true survival tool, sterilizing water as needed). It also allows you to charge devices from two USB outlets – super handy as a backup power source.

You can purchase a mobile battery at any time (MSRP $69.99) and make a regular Fyre mobile or have more battery time as a backup to the Fyre Mobile. There’s also a DC Power Base (MSRP $9.99) that can be used with any Cauldryn unit to power the unit from a 12V or 24V car/boat plug and is small enough to fit even in small cup holders.

Using the Cauldryn Fire Mobile Modular Water Bottle night

The Fyre heating element part of the mug/bottle offers Boil, Brew, Extra Hot, and Hot modes, so it covers you from keeping beverages warm to boiling water to make it safe. The mug/bottle snaps in and out of the base or battery, so you don’t have to be attached to either while you’re drinking.

This nifty device can take the place of several items when you’re out for an adventure. It’s a water bottle (or hot beverage container) and also a camp stove (boiling water quickly for camp food meals). Recharging the battery using power packs or perhaps solar panels means you don’t need to bring fuel either (since you left the stove at home already, haha).

This is a great piece of gear that not only moves the product standard forward, but is useful both in the backcountry and at a Saturday morning soccer game. Light enough to take almost anywhere, it also has a sleek-looking design.

The Cauldryn Fyre is brought to you by the folks at Number 6 Brands, the parent company of PahaQue, Hawke Knives, and Kraken Blades.

The standard Cauldryn Fyre water bottle (weight: 1 lb) is priced at $69.99 while the Mobile edition (weight 2 lbs 5 ounces) is $129.99. Find out more on the Cauldryn website.

*This product was provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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