Celebrating NYE with Your Dog? – Here’s How to Keep Them Safe

When we lived in St Pete, FL, our adventure dogs used to have a tough time with the hustle and bustle of holiday times, especially when fireworks were involved.  We tried to ameliorate things by hanging out with them and reassuring them to the best of our abilities. There are a lot of things you can do to make things easier on your dogs.

Meskis the Adventure Dog

They say that dogs are man’s best friends, and most dog owners would agree. If you’re a dog owner, you do whatever it takes to keep your best friend safe, from taking them to vet appointments, to buying everything they need, such as a dog fence to prevent them from getting lost. On New Year’s Eve, there are a few special considerations you should make. In order to keep your dog safe and sound, please be sure to follow these tips.

Don’t Bring Your Dog to the Party

If you’re going to a New Year’s Eve party or celebration, let you dog stay at home. Dogs are easily overwhelmed and often stressed by large groups of people, especially when there is a lot of noise and activity involved. For your dog’s sake, don’t bring them with you unless you have no other option. If you need someone to stay with your dog or let them out while you’re gone, try to make arrangements as far in advance as possible with a friend, dog sitter, or boarding kennel.

Keep Your Dog Away from Firework Noise

Dogs have very sensitive ears, and their hearing is acute. Loud noises, especially fireworks, can frighten your dog and cause them to react unpredictably. Keep your dog indoors and as far away from firework noise as possible. A baby gate or wireless dog fence can be used to keep your dog in a quiet area of the house for the duration of the firework display or the entire evening.

Put Your Dog on a Leash When Outdoors

If you let your dog out to use the bathroom, keep them on a leash, even if you are in your yard. A traditional or electric dog fence may not be enough to contain your dog if they are suddenly very frightened by bursts of fireworks. Your dog could suddenly start running to get away, and they may run right through their boundaries or jump right over the fence. For their safety, keep them on a leash with a properly fitting collar. Do not leave them alone on a leash, however, or they could get tangled or choke themselves; always hold the leash yourself.

Don’t Leave Drinks or Snacks Unattended

If you’re having a get together at your house, be sure to keep the drinks and snacks out-of-reach of your dog. If they’re set up in the kitchen, consider using a gate or electric fence for dogs to prevent your dog from chowing down when no one is looking. Ask your guests not to leave their drinks or food unattended. Alcohol, especially when mixed with something sweet, can be attractive to dogs, but it’s also toxic. Certain foods, such as chocolate, are also toxic to dogs, and others can give them gastrointestinal issues, especially if they’ve never eaten something before. If your dog is showing any signs of sudden illness, call your vet’s office right away.

Give Your Dog a “Safe Room” to Rest

One of the best things you can do for your dog on New Year’s Eve is to give them a “safe room” for resting and relaxing alone. Your dog won’t miss the party, and they’ll be happier being contained in a quiet room with food, water, and toys. A closed door, gate, or invisible dog fence will allow your dog to have a definitive area that’s just for them, which will help them feel secure. Some comfortable or familiar items, such as their bed, will help them relax, too.

Observe Your Dog for Signs They’re Stressed

Be sure to check on your dog regularly, especially if they’re separated from you in another part of the house. Observe your dog for signs that they’re stressed out. Any odd behavior can be a sign of stress, and other signs include panting, growling, cowering, freezing up, staring, shaking, pacing back and forth, and whining. If your dog is stressed, give them peace, quiet, and water so they don’t get dehydrated or sick. As discussed, you can prevent stress by keeping them away from loud noises and lots of people in the first place.

New Year’s Eve is a fun time to celebrate, with plenty of reminiscing about the past year and looking forward to the next. As long as you follow these basic safety tips, your dog will enjoy the evening as much as possible, and you won’t have to worry about any unfortunate incidents that could’ve easily been prevented. Happy New Year!

These New Year’s Eve safety tips were provided by our educational partner Dog Fence DIY. If you are looking for a good option and you are not quite ready to pay thousands of dollars for an invisible dog fence go pay them a visit. They may just have what you need! 

*Fireworks aren’t the only worry for your dogs – keep them safe from ticks as well.

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