Cheers To All The Dads

When Stanley Brand approached me about using some of their products and helping spread the word about how great they are as Father’s Day gifts, I jumped at the chance. I’m a longtime fan of the brand, back to my days in construction – a thermos was my daily companion to whatever worksite I went to, and the coffee was always hot. And, no matter how many times it was dropped or crushed by a wayward tool or material, it was impossible to break.

Buying for fathers can be difficult – most guys I know just go out and buy what they want, so loved ones sometimes have to guess what they might like. Or….default to the tie or cologne, though hopefully that’s been left in the past.

Most dads I know are always happy to receive gear and or tools, preferably something they hadn’t considered before and always a bonus when things pull double duty. That’s Stanley Brand products in a nutshell to me. With 4 kids, it’s great to use my products, not just for myself, but also for my kids, when possible.

Cheers To All The Dads

Take the Stanley Brand Classic Vacuum Growler and Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug – while totally appropriate for my morning coffee, the kids LOVE to borrow it for their hot chocolate. Truth be told, there are some mornings camping where I borrow some of their hot chocolate to improve my coffee – since we have two of the Growlers, the whole family gets in on the action.

Cheers To All The Dads

One of my recent faves is the Adventure Stacking Pint Glass in stainless steel, and it turns out it’s one of my youngest’s favorites too. It’s become a game to see who can grab the glass first, though we’ve been pretty good about taking turns. What I love about this glass is it’s relatively light weight (it IS metal), the fact that it’s probably indestructible, and that it keeps things cold for a good long time, with or without ice.

Cheers To All The Dads

Maybe not quite as appropriate for all ages, the Adventure Stainless Steel Shot Glass Set is a self-contained party to bring along pretty much anywhere. I love that it packs up into its own case and can be placed in a pocket or clipped onto a pack. The kids had a great time toasting each other using root beer, so in its own way it’s something for them to playact as grown ups.

This year, rather than guess what dad wants for Father’s Day, ask. If you want to surprise him, I can practically guarantee he’ll appreciate any of these products – Stanley Brand has a lot more on their website, so you’re definitely not limited. Another benefit of these products is that they are not just for the outdoors dad – totally appropriate for any man of the house.

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