Chicagoland Trail: DuPage River Greenway

Finding a trail that is close to home, interesting in terms of topography and nature, and appropriate both for solo runs and outings with the family is not always easy. The DuPage River Greenway Trail meets all the criteria, though the topography is not particularly varied.

The trail runs along Bolingbrook’s northern edge parallel to the East Branch of the DuPage River. The 2.5 mile linear path traverses woodlands, prairie and wetlands from Royce Road near Route 53 through Hidden Lakes Historic Trout Farm to Indian Boundary Park. Parking and restrooms are available at Hidden Lakes Historic Trout Farm and Indian Boundary Park. The trail connects to the ComEd Greenway, adding another 4 miles round trip if so desired. There is also a seemingly unnamed connecting trail that will take you to the Knoch Knolls singletrack, for some unpaved trail running.

The DuPage River Greenway is paved from start to finish, wide, smooth, with little in the way of hills, so it is ideal for an easier run, or for taking the kids for a run or ride. If you’re pushing a jogging stroller, this path is a gem. The Hidden Lake Trout Farm is a nice diversion a mile or so in, while Indian Boundary Park affords kids the opportunity to get off their bikes and play on a jungle gym. There is also a nature center along the way, plus access to the river at multiple points.

Easily accessed from I-355, this is a nice trail to check out, especially if you typically run at Greene Valley, and need a change of pace.

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