CLIF SHOT® Turbo Energy Gel: Product Review

“CLIF SHOT® Turbo Energy Gel offers all of the performance upgrades of the new CLIF SHOT® Energy Gel, but also includes an extra concentrated caffeine kick for those days that require just a little bit more.” CLIF has made some improvements to its gels, coming up with new formulas that offer better taste, a thinner consistency, and more electrolytes to fuel your performance. Also added are varying amounts of caffeine, with 25mg in the Strawberry and Citrus, 50mg in the Mocha, 100mg in Double Expresso and in the Chocolate Cherry, or no caffeine at all in the Chocolate, Vanilla, and Razz.

I recently got to try all of these new flavors, excepting Vanilla. They are uniformly decent, with a few standouts in the Mocha and the Double Expresso. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the Double Expresso is my favorite gel of all time! These new CLIF gels have very natural flavors, excepting the Chocolate Cherry, which, while still an okay flavor, came closest to the chemically-tinged taste of the past. One other thing I really liked about these new gels is how easily they melted and mixed into water. I’ve been carrying gel flasks a lot recently, finding it easier to drink down the gels rather than squeeze them out of the tube while underway. CLIF SHOT® Energy Gel contains no animal-based ingredients so it is vegan-friendly. BONUS!
CLIF has also added the “litter leash” to its packaging, which keeps the top attached after being torn off, resulting in less litter while exercising. That’s one step closer to being more environmentally friendly. One other suggestion I would make is for CLIF to package their gel in multi-serving packages, so that people like me, who use gel flasks, can refill the flask from a single source, rather than opening a new package each time.

It appears to me that CLIF has, for the most part, made great steps forward in this product. If you need a gel with good flavor and some extra boost from caffeine, give these a try. That they are vegan-friendly is a nice touch as well.


 (Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free to review on my blog – courtesy of CLIF, via Lisa at Double-Forte. I did not pay for these items, receive payment for this review, or agree to give a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company website, the opinions are my own.)

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13 thoughts on “CLIF SHOT® Turbo Energy Gel: Product Review

  1. I don't think I've seen CLIF SHOT in South Africa. I'll have to look into that. We have most brands here and also quite a few very good local brands. The local brands are usually less than half the price of the others.

  2. How are they in comparison to PowerBar Gels? I like those b/c they are liquidy and use GU a lot but thinking of moving away b/c they are very thick.

  3. Do they contain any processed sugars? That's what upsets my stomach and the only thing I've been able to get down that doesn't come back up or cause severe stomach cramps are the Hammer gels (though I have had some success with Carboom, too). Just a mental note for you to chuck in the memory bank for later :). That, and also that I don't drink coffee – the smell of it even makes me gag. Blech!

    I'm headed to the mountains to do some snowshoeing today…have a really great day! And I was just kidding about the 30% :). That was the first I had seen of the SF profile and I was a little … overwhelmed? But I'm not running it all :). Madison, however, did spike an interest. Hum….

  4. Had one this morning. Unfortuantely it only lasted about 16 miles 🙁 . But I will say they are good, and have never let me down. Vanilla is my favorite !

  5. Interesting. I like the cliff blocks, but they taste a BIT too rice-y for me. I like my gel to taste like high frutose corn syrup, thankyouverymuch. 🙂

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