CloudLine Apparel Merino Socks Gear Review

When people ask me what the best footwear is for hiking/biking/running/etc is, I usually reply that it’s best to try things out, but also to start with quality socks. We were lucky enough to have CloudLine Apparel join on as a partner for UintasHike16 and receive 2 pairs of socks to test out and review: the 1/4 Top Running Sock – Light Cushion and the Switchback Hiking Sock – Medium Cushion.

Based out of Seattle, WA, CloudLine merino wool hiking socks are made in the USA with imported premium merino wool, nylon, and spandex. They also have tee shirts available, printed on demand and shipped when ready.

CloudLine Apparel Merino Socks Gear Review

I was a bit worried about receiving the socks only when we arrived in SLC and not being able to pre-test them, but I’m lucky in that I rarely have foot issues beyond discomfort. As I wrote in my Merrell review, my biggest concern was that the socks would be too thick for the just-fitting Capras.

I needn’t have worried. While the medium cushion of the Switchbacks was definitely on the snug side, it still worked with the boots and, as before, I had no issues with my feet. For me, these socks were a bit on the long side and maybe too warm for Summer hiking, but otherwise I thought they fit and worked great.

I was even happier with the 1/4 Tops – the thinner cushioning worked better with the boots, kept my feet happy, and were less warm than the crew socks.

CloudLine Apparel Merino Socks Gear Review

As with all sock reviews, caveat emptor – these socks worked great for me and I had no issues with them. Your feet may not have the same results, but if I were a betting man, I would guess you’d be happy with these just like I was. Biggest decision is to pick which cushioning – for me, light cushion for warm weather and medium for cooler temps.

*Socks provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

(*9/6/18 I also used the 1/4 Top socks for my Laugavegur trek, wearing them for 2 days at a time, and then switching them out for a fresh pair. Walking 4-7 hours a day, soaking them during stream crossings, and they held up with no issues whatsoever. Great socks.)

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