Copper H2O Water Bottle Review

Ayurvedic medicine has long been of interest to me, though it’s complex and foreign enough that I haven’t delved too deeply. That being said, an offer to test out a sample of Copper H2O‘s water bottle . piqued my interest. Call it Ayurvedic Lite.

Copper H2O Water Bottle

Copper + h2o Reaction

Storing water in a copper bottle for 4-8 hours (suggestions vary) allows it to become alkaline, which has a higher pH than regular drinking water. This change, according to some, leads to a wide spectrum of benefits.

Copper Water Bottle Benefits

What kind of benefits? I’m glad you asked.

For the Ayurvedic folks, drinking water out of a copper water vessel balances the three doshas in your body, helping to restore balance to your spirit, mind, and body.

For more Western-minded seekers, benefits include aiding digestion, stimulating the brain, boosts the immune system, improves the skin, aids spleen and lover functions, and a whole bunch more.

It can also kill bacteria that is lurking in your water.

Copper H2O Water Bottle in Car

Copper Water Bottle Poisoning

What about the naysayers? Can copper water bottles make you sick? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drinking water that contains high levels of copper can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, and jaundice. Very high levels can lead to death. Scary.

But (and there’s always a but), these ideas started with people drinking Moscow Mules out of copper mugs. The low pH of Copper Mule ingredients could cause more copper to leach out into the drinks, possibly making people sick.

We’re drinking water here folks, right?

Copper H2O Water Bottle at the beach

Copper Water Bottle Instructions

Take your copper water bottle, fill it with cold water, and let it sit overnight. Drink it in the morning to cleanse and detoxify your system.

Or, don’t. Leaving the water in the bottle overnight could increase the leaching of the copper overnight. Better to use it like a regular bottle.

Like all things, try it for yourself and see how you react. No two people are the same and thus will find the optimum way for them to use the copper vessel in their own life.

Filling the Copper H2O Water Bottle


Hey, copper is an element that is essential for our enzyme systems, so it makes sense that adding it to your diet is okay. Maybe don’t overdo it. Or maybe you need more and your body will thank you.

For me, the testing of this CopperH2O water bottle coincided with an attempt at super-hydration – drinking a gallon of water a day. In general, I felt a lot better after a few weeks, but I can’t tell you if it was the additional water or the copper bottle.

I don’t really care. It’s a gorgeous product, so I’m more likely to grab it to bring water along, which is really the main benefit of drinking from this copper vessel. If I’m benefiting from it in an Ayurvedic way, so much the better.


I also love that Copper H2O works with non-profits that deal with clean drinking water. It’s an issue that threatens each and every one of us, rich and poor, some more than others. I’m lucky I have good water at the turn of the tap, but I appreciate organizations that are working to make that benefit a daily occurrence for more people around the world.

*This product provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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4 thoughts on “Copper H2O Water Bottle Review

  1. I bought this water bottle and used it according to directions (allowing water to sit in the bottle for a few hours). After my yoga class, I drank the water on the way home. Within an hour, I felt sick to my stomach. It got worse throughout the evening, and then I had diarrhea. I experienced gastrointestinal distress for the next day. When I emailed the seller – Jessica – to return the bottle, she said I should return it to Canada, even though it was shipped from the US and I live in the US. The cost for mailing the bottle to Canada is $18 and I only spent $37.50 on the bottle. I asked her if I could return it to the US and she said I could but she would deduct an additional $5 from the refund and I had to pay for shipping, and it would take about 4 weeks for a refund. I believe this seller is fraudulent in that her website states that drinking water from the bottle improves digestion and has other health benefits. I also believe it is misleading to tell consumers 100% satisfaction and full refund when the seller requires the buyer to pay approximately 50% of the cost of the bottle to get the refund, the seller requires the buyer to mail it internationally when the bottle was shipped from the US. I have no knowledge of what the bottle is made of but I know it made me very ill and the seller’s website is misleading or fraudulent.

    1. Bummer you had a bad experience, hopefully that’s the exception and not the rule.

  2. Worked for me! When you are killing off bacteria you get an upset stomach. there is a fight( bacteria and the coppe)r killing it off. The diarrhea was a result of a cleanse. I suffer candidia this it what happens to me,

  3. Copper leaching into water is not a significant problem. Public water supply lines are made out of copper so all tap water is essentially “sitting in a copper bottle” for extended periods of time.

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