Covet List – Camping Edition

It’s Spring, and our thoughts turn to hiking and camping. With 4 children (and maybe friends), it’s akin to an expedition to Everest, with Laima and I as the Sherpas. Happily, we’re still car camping, so while it’s a lot of gear, it doesn’t get shlepped very far, so we can bring pretty much whatever we want. Enter the camping covet list.

Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak™ Tent

First off, when you have a big family, you need room to spread out for sleeping. We’re very happy with the family tent we have right now, but take a look at the Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak™ Tent! It has an impressive 11-person sleeping capacity (smelly teens to the other end please), and the sidewalls have unique fold-down shelves that sport cup holders to eliminate spilled beverages and gear pockets to hold gear. The stove jack (the stove jack!) is covered by a storm flap that now rolls down to avoid contact with the piping, so it won’t melt the material. Basically it’s the Hummer of tents, which would suit our family just fine.

Snowpeak Tramezzino

We really enjoyed camping as a family last year and one of the benefits of car camping is that you can pretty much bring as much gear as you want, whether it will be used much or not. Something I ran across that I covet is the Snow Peak Tramezzino, an aluminum cooker for making toasted sandwiches – no muss, no mess. Love it. Want it.

Winnebago Vista RV

If there’s anything better than RV camping, I’m not sure what it is. Excepting the environmental waste in terms of gasoline and electricity, this is as good as it gets for family camping. With the interior fan on for white noise, good sleep is pretty much assured. Tired of cooking over the fire? Head inside for a regular home cooked meal. Bugs got you down? Yup, head inside. The new Winnebago Vista RVs are large enough to sleep our family (and maybe a guest) with such cool features as bunk beds (just like summer camp!). Our weekend RV camping for The North Face Endurance Challenge STILL has the kids reminiscing.

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5 thoughts on “Covet List – Camping Edition

  1. THAT TENT! Will and I want to buy a large, semi-expedition tent so we can ski or hike in somewhere and then set it up as a base camp. With a tent like that, we could comfortably live out of the tent for weeks!

  2. I'm a fan of backpacking, but car camping has a special place in my heart. So much convenience and comfort! We have a queen air mattress that we bring and a stand to put it on, so it's pretty much as good as home!

  3. Holy cow, that tent!

    We always enjoy checking out all the amazing campers at the RV show, but I think we have as much sleeping space in our popup as those gas guzzling luxury RVs. Just not quite as roomy otherwise. 🙂

  4. That tent is amazing! I thought the new 8 person one we upgraded to this year was huge! I wonder how long it takes to set up and tear down?

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