DMOS Collective Stealth Shovel Gear Review

DMOS Collective makes portable, all-season, all-terrain tools for adventurers everywhere. I got a sample of their Stealth Shovel (MSRP $99) to try out this summer and see how it could work for us here in the Midwest. Designed as a snow-moving shovel to build  playgrounds on your favorite slopes, it’s twice the thickness of an avalanche shovel, so it won’t bend or deform during use. It has a thick, telescoping shaft that adjusts to conditions or size of user and the huge shovel blade makes moving things easy.

DMOS Collective Stealth Shovel Gear Review

We’ve used the shovel around the yard at home and taken it camping. The serrated edge of the blade is great for raking, whether it’s leaves at home, gravel to level out a tent site, or coals in a campfire. The wide no-slip handle gives good purchase and leverage, while the adjustable shaft works for taller people or shorter, along with giving extra leverage when needed.

If I were a commuter in a snowy area, I would pack this in my emergency kit and leave it in the car. I’ll bring it on longer Winter road trips for sure. Whether digging out a snow-covered car or using it to dig out a tire from the snow, this could become an essential snow emergency tool.

DMOS Collective Stealth Shovel Gear Review

This is a great tool to have around, even if building ski jumps in the backcountry isn’t your thing. I like how it folds down into a nice neat package for easy storage or to bring along. The only negative I found is that when the shaft is shortened and stowed in the blade, it’s not friction fit or clipped in, so it could come out and it does make some noise. Regardless, I’ll keep bringing this on camping trips and this winter I’ll use it to build little jumps on our neighborhood hill for the kids to ski or sled off of.

*This was provided to me for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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