Drink in the Great Outdoors with Stanley Brand (#Stanleyness!)

I’ve long been a fan of Stanley Brand – from my construction days with a Stanley thermos to bringing Stanley insulated cups on camping trips, I know their products are built to last. Thank you to Stanley Brand for sponsoring today’s post and providing me with the perfect holiday gifts this season! (Shhhhh…I even bought my Secret Santa a Stanley Classic Vacuum Camp Mug.) For this holiday season, our family received an Adventure Happy Hour 2x System, a Classic Flask, a Classic Vacuum Growler, and the Classic Vacuum Pint, in Hammertone Crimson (the only red cup you need this season, haha). Check out all their products here.


This weekend, we headed to Illinois Beach State Park for some family fun, a little cool weather camping, and an opportunity to really put these products to the test. Getting out and immersing ourselves in nature as a family is really important to us and we take as many opportunities as we can to go camping. While our usual modus operandi is car camping (and we do it up right), many Stanley Brand products work just as well for backcountry camping as well, though ultralight purists will need to take a pass. They’ve gotten lighter over the years, but not THAT light.


Stanley wants you to be armed with the BEST gift for all the outdoor adventurers on your holiday shopping list. The best things about Stanley Brand products? Use them to celebrate outdoors adventures and, since they last practically forever, get ready to pass them on to future generations, inspiring them to get outdoors as well.


Drink in the Great Outdoors with Stanley Brand (#Stanleyness!)

Stanley Classic Vacuum Growler

On the way to your campsite, you stop off at your favorite craft brewery and fill up this 64 ounce resealable growler – the vacuum insulated body and foam insulated lid keep beer cold 24 hours. One of the unique things about this growler is the integrated heavy duty handle, making it easy to carry and easy to pour. We went in the opposite direction and made hot chocolate for the kids’ breakfast. On a 25 degree morning, there’s nothing quite like hot chocolate; I might even prefer it over coffee when cold weather camping. Check out all their products here.


Drink in the Great Outdoors with Stanley Brand (#Stanleyness!)

Stanley Adventure Happy Hour 2x System

What’s more fun than having a drink at the end of a camping day? Happy Hour with campfire cocktails! Stanley Brand’s 5-piece system includes 20oz shaker, 2 rocks glasses, citrus reamer and jigger, so bring your faves along and get to mixing. We used ours for easy to make (and easy to drink) margaritas. Now we need to figure out whether there’s a better cool weather cocktail that we should make instead. Check out all their products here.


Drink in the Great Outdoors with Stanley Brand (#Stanleyness!)

Stanley Classic Flask

Feels great in the hand, the Stanley Classic Flask stows handily in your pocket or pack. BPA-free, stainless steel, leak proof, and an attached cap mean you can safely bring and drink your favorite pick-me-up. For this trip I opted to fill it with Bailey’s, which has a celebratory feel and also does double-duty as creamer for my morning coffee (hey, I’m on vacation!) Check out all their products here.


Drink in the Great Outdoors with Stanley Brand (#Stanleyness!)

Stanley Classic Vacuum Pint

Let the europeans have their beers warm; I prefer mine cold (but no too cold…). Stanley’s Vacuum Pint keeps beer cold 4.5 hours and those cocktails you mixed using the Happy Hour 2x System iced for 17 hours. A wide-mouth lid with built-in bottle opener (score!) keeps dirt out, always a plus in the outdoors. Even though alcohol was allowed in our campground, it’s still nice to have a cup that keeps things discreet. Check out all their products here.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these, so you can feel confident buying these as a gift for yourself, friends or family, or your Secret Santa.

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