DuPage Forest Preserves 2013 Geocaching Coin Program

This weekend, with nothing save one soccer game on the books Saturday (shocking, I know), we decided to head out to the in-laws’ pool, with some geocaching along the way. Specifically, the DuPage Forest Preserves 2013 Geocaching Coin Program (quite the mouthful).
“In celebration of the agency’s upcoming 100th anniversary, the passport program will lead geocachers to eight caches hidden in forest preserves that relate to the District’s history between 1941 and 1965. Each cache contains a passport sticker, and anyone who collects five or more different stickers will earn a custom trackable geocoin for 2013.”
DuPage Forest Preserves 2013 Geocaching Coin Program

There is something about bushwhacking through bushes, up or over fallen trees, and being turned around in a forest preserve that soothes the most savage beast. With four kids in a car and driving from place to place, tempers fray, someone is always hungry, the others just want to get to the pool. The second we get out of the car and start into the woods, everyone becomes intent and happy, sharing possible routes and cool nature things they’re seeing.

We got to three geocaches yesterday and found all three, stopping for a picnic lunch from Trader Joe’s on the grass under a tree at Kline Creek Farm. We also spent some time at the Willowbrook Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, where the kids love seeing all the animals, even though some are pretty seriously hurt. The second preserve, Belleau Woods, has two sections, one without parking and the other an impenetrable tangle (almost). We definitely would not have visited either location if it wasn’t for this Geocaching Coin Program, one of the very best things about geocaching.

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3 thoughts on “DuPage Forest Preserves 2013 Geocaching Coin Program

  1. Fun time! We did some geocaching here when my brother and nephew were out visiting, but it was a bit of a bust! Maybe we need to hone our skills!

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