ECOlunchbox Adventure Kit Review

ECOlunchbox Adventure Kit

I’m not a fan of plastic for use with food or liquids. I understand that it’s an extreme position, but every time a “safe” plastic is found to be unsafe, it just reinforces my thinking.

While metal has its drawbacks, mostly weight if you need to carry it a long way, I’m generally more comfortable with using it to eating and drinking. It also protects food from being crushed while transporting it.

A sample of the ECOlunchbox Adventure Kit recently arrived, and I love how much it can do. The kit contains a stainless-steel TriBento lunchbox (three separate components), a stainless steel spork, and a pot gripper for cooking.

ECOlunchbox Adventure Kit

This kit is a plastic-free food container solution that will pack your food, cook it, and serve it right from the container. The spork is cute but I can’t imagine actually eating with it – my kids might like it.

This is a well-designed and thought out product that is useful not just on your next camping trip, but as an everyday food storage container as well. Pack your kids’ lunch in it, bring a healthier lunch to work, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Cooking with this was a piece of cake – I made ramen because it’s simple and because I wanted to. I just placed one of the containers on my camp stove and it worked like a charm. One caveat: The ECOlunchbox Adventure Kit is not for use over an open fire.

ECOlunchbox Adventure Kit

This is perfect for the beach as well, as the stainless steel didn’t get too hot quickly, kept sand out of my food, and was easy to carry.

Two things I’d like to see in a future iteration: 1. I’d like the separate containers to be watertight when nested together; and 2. I’d like the clasps to be adjustable, so I could still use this kit even if I only brought 1 or 2 of the containers.

Dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to deep clean when you get home from the park or the mountains.

ECOlunchbox Adventure Kit

The ECOlunchbox Adventure Kit is a nice product for use both in the backcountry and in your home. Nice to have one piece of gear that carries, cooks, and serves your food all in one.

*This product was provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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