Ecōths Keystone Shirt Review

Ecōths, or Ecoths, is the men’s line from Sportif USA (their women’s line is Aventura Clothing). I visited with them at Outdoor Retailer and it’s finally warm enough to have tested my sample of their Keystone shirt.

Ecoths Keystone Shirt


The Ecoths mission is not only broad, but deep:

“The foundation of Ecōths is combining natural fabrics with style, comfort, and personality, while at the same time accentuating and shaping one’s character and guiding beliefs and ideals towards community, and a better place to live. “

A good example is their short sleeve Keystone shirt, made of 100% Fair Trade organic cotton. It’s a full button front shirt that is lightweight and reminiscent of a summer linen shirt, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing one.

A cool feature is the microfiber cloth sewn into the bottom front placket so you can clean your sunglasses and phone without bringing along anything extra. Cool stuff.

Ecōths Keystone Shirt handy microfiber cloth sewn in

The shirt is comfy, good looking, and straddles the line between semi and totally casual – dress it up with the right pants and shoes, or leave it untucked over shorts. Looks good either way.

Through their 3 Campaign, every time an Ecōths garment is purchased, three meals (a full day of food!) is provided to someone in need through food banks across the country. That is a really great way to give back to the community.

Take a look at the entire line – good looking clothes that are not produced in sweatshops, have an eye on sustainability, and give back to the community. Good stuff.

*Product provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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