Ecovessel Boulder Vacuum Insulated Bottle Gear Review

I’m not a fan of using plastic to store food or liquid, so I try to steer clear of plastic bottles whenever possible. My bottles of choice are glass or metal, with metal winning out due to its availability as an insulated product as well as its superior defensive properties. I was pretty excited when I was sent an Ecovessel Boulder bottle to test out.

Ecovessel Boulder Vacuum Insulated Bottle Gear Review

The Boulder is a 20 oz bottle that is made of stainless steel and triple insulated. It also comes with a tea, fruit, and ice strainer, which extends its use past straight liquid refreshment. It features a wide opening and a small opening, which is a nice option, as I like the former for drinking, but others prefer the latter. If you happen to not like either of those options, the Boulder is compatible with the Adult Flip Straw Top, giving you yet another option (straw top not included). Either way, it’s easy to fill and drink from, which is obviously important.

We used our Boulder for all kinds of fun activities and never had an issue with it keeping liquids hot or cold. We didn’t test the extremes, but Ecovessel says it will maintain liquids for 36 hours cold or up to 8 hours hot. The large strap holding the cap on means it’s easy to attach to packs and also the small cap is more difficult to lose, a real plus. This is a comfortable size in hand and also fits in your cars cupholders, making it a good option when you are driving.

The Boulder comes in 6 color options and retails for around $27 for the 20 ounce size – it also is available as a 24 or 32 ounce bottle.

*This bottle was provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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