Eggtronic Power Bar Review

Eggtronic Power Bar iPhone charging

The Power Bar by Eggtronic is a USB-C Wireless Power Bank with Apple Watch Charger is a handy all in one power bank that has a pleasing heft to it along with simple styling. Its shape makes it easy to store in a pocket or within a backpack or other bag.

With 53W of total output, Eggtronic claims that this Apple MFI-certified Qi wireless power bank charges up to four Apple devices simultaneously — your iPhone, your AirPods, your Apple Watch, and your MacBook.

Eggtronic Power Bar

The Power Bar uses Eggtronic’s patented Wireless Charging Technology. Eggtronic claims that its innovative energy storage makes it more efficient to charge all 4 devices rather than plugging each one into an outlet independently. I can neither confirm nor deny, but the power bank definitely seems to charge things quickly.

We found that almost everything worked exactly as Eggtronic described – I especially liked that the battery indicator blinked while charging, a visual cue that things should be working as hoped.

Eggtronic Power Bar Apple Watch charging

Two areas of concern:

  • One device I could not get to work with the power bank was my MacBook Pro, perhaps because it’s an older model.
  • The Apple Watch charger wasn’t as easy to use – to raise the magnetic charging puck required strong finger nails or some other tool. While charging my daughter’s Watch, there was no indication that anything was happening, ie no blinking light. The power bank DID charge the Watch, so I know it works.

Overall we were really happy with the design, weight, and performance of the Power Bar. I know the wireless charging is healthier for my device’s batteries, so that’s an added plus. I wish I could have gotten it to work with my MacBook Pro, but that’s a minor negative.

Eggtronic Power Bar Box

The package includes all you need: the Power Bar, a 3-foot USB-C to USB-C cable, a 3-foot USB-C to Lightning cable, and a USB-C to USB-A adapter tip.

*This product was provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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