Enger Tower, Duluth, Minnesota

Enger Tower view from below

On my recent trip to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, I stayed in Duluth for several reasons. It’s a much closer drive than from Minneapolis and I had never visited before.

The first thing I noticed about Duluth was how much elevation change there was from the level of the lake. As I drove sinuously upward to find my hotel (I actually stayed in the suburb of Hermantown), I knew I wanted to find a good spot to look out over Lake Superior.

Enger Tower view over Duluth

After some research, I decided the optimum spot was from Enger Park, a location that overlooked the lake, featured a stone tower with panoramic views, a Japanese peace garden and walking paths. It also had a geocache near the tower, which meant I could grab my first Minnesota geocache (I have 11 of the 50 states completed).

Built in 1939, Enger Tower is a 5 story structure built of local Blue Stone.  Standing on the top level, one is more than 500′ above the level of Lake Superior, offering some amazing views.

Enger Tower historical plaque

Bert Enger was a native of Norway who came to Duluth and became a successful businessman. Upon his death, he donated two thirds of his estate to the city of Duluth. That land now is made up of Enger Park and Enger Golf Course.

The tower’s 1939 dedication was attended by Crown Prince Olav and Crown Princess Martha of Norway. In 2011, the tower was re-dedicated by King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway.

Enger Tower Slide Show:

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Every level of the tower has lookouts, offering a variety of views in every direction. My personal favorites were over Lake Superior, but there wasn’t a bad view to be had.

Enger Tower is not handicapped accessible, but many of the paths in the park are paved and there are beautiful views from the Gazebo located on the hill’s edge.

Enger Tower view lookout

If you walk just a short distance from the tower, you’ll find yourself on the Superior Hiking Trail, which stretches over 300 miles of trail along Lake Superior’s North Shore. It’s a beautiful trail that affords even more views over Duluth and the lake.

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