Fall Fun: CLIF Bar, EpiCor Immune, Salomon Tornado Skis

CLIF Bar Pecan Pie

It’s Seasonal CLIF Bar time, always fun to see what they come up with. This year was pretty exciting, as they went with my favorite dessert, pecan pie. And how did they succeed? Pretty well, actually. While not a faithful representation of a pecan pie, they are tasty (though sweet) – they really hit the spot after a long geocaching hike in cooler weather and light rain.

EpiCor Immune

“EpiCor strengthens your body’s immune defenses in many ways. It helps reinforce your first and second lines of active defense, increases antioxidant protection and also may help support good gut health.”

We were sent a sample packet of EpiCor items to try out, including a 3 month’s supply of EpiCor (estimated value $45), “Immune Strength” jar openers (value $1, not sure about those), an EpiCor neon luggage tag (estimated value $3), and a 15 days supply of powdered drink mix “stick packs” in the flavor of Mango-lemonade and Grape for Kids (estimated value $10). With cold and flu season in full swing for us, we’re always happy to try something that might keep us healthier. With 4 children, it’s more a question of when we’ll catch something rather than if.

EpiCor: What is it? Video

As Laima wrote over at Women’s Endurance Gear: “In the United States, the influenza (flu) season is considered October through May, usually peaking in February. The best way to protect yourself is to wash hands with soap often, and to keep hands away from your face. Another method, effective for some, is to get a flu shot.”

Beyond that, things like EpiCor might get you a leg up. I took an EpiCor pill daily and we tried the powdered drink mix “stick packs,” which, while quite sweet, were a hit with everyone. I can’t say for sure that it kept me healthy, but will say that, as the 4 kids passed a deep hacking cough from one to the other over a matter of few weeks, I never succumbed. That hasn’t happened before. With a trip coming up, I was certainly happy that it worked!

More information can be found on the EpiCor website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Disclaimer: This product was supplied for review purposes.

2009 Salomon Tornado skis

Last but not least, I got a pair of skis! I lucked into a pair of 2009 Salomon Tornado skis – not new, not top of the line, but they’re all mine nonetheless. I also bought some lift ticket vouchers for Four Lakes Ski and Snowboard Area, our local hill. Can’t wait to practice up for our trip to Breckenridge in the Spring.

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