Family Camping

In less than two weeks, we’ll be heading out for our first full-fledged camping overnight. I’m not sure we can count last year’s RV camping, as that felt like staying in a hotel (that is not a complaint). This time will be in a tent, at a forest preserve not too far from our house (in case of terrible weather or other emergency). With 4 children, the possibilities for camping mayhem are legion, but we’re trying to be as prepared as possible.
Entertainment: We’ll be bringing our slackline again, as well as the ever-favorite ENO hammock. We didn’t get a chance to use either that much last year while camping, so we’ll give them better trials this year.

The Tao of Survival

Emergencies: Not that we’ll need them (fingers crossed), but the skills that are demonstrated in a book I received for review are both fun and utilitarian. James Morgan Ayres’ The Tao of Survival (Layton, UT: Gibbs Smith, 2013) emphasizes focused attention, or not freaking out when things hit the fan. Building blocks start at controlled breathing and build onwards to such topics as firemaking, survival skills, and identifying a terrorist (definitely hope we don’t need that).

Stinger Insect Zapper Lantern

Protection: With our wet weather recently (storms and flooding), we are sure to be inundated with mosquitoes. I was really happy to recently receive a media sample of the Stinger Insect Zapper Lantern (MSRP: $29.99). It’s portable, rechargeable, quiet, and is supposed to give us 625 square feet of insect-free comfort. We’re hoping it works as advertised!

Next week I’ll share a project I did with the kids to prepare for our camping trip, something that will make at least one aspect of camping much simpler.

Do you camp with kids?
What’s a must-have?

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(Disclaimer: I received the above-mentioned items for review purposes. Opinions are my own.)

5 thoughts on “Family Camping

  1. We camp very often and I grew up camping. I love it. I don't know your weather but be prepared in case there is bad weather or rain. Make sure the kids have enough to keep them busy with. Kids also like to have their own flashlights or headlights when camping. Enjoy!

  2. You sound about as well prepared as someone can be. I'm sure it is going to be a blast. Mr. Zippy has taken the kids camping a couple of times for just an overnighter–I stayed behind in my nice quiet house!

  3. That book looks great. I'm looking forward to hearing how the trip goes.

    If all else fails, pack some Benadryl. Not for you, for the kids.

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