Family Game Night: Fishing Camp — The Game

Fishing Camp - The Game


Monday night is Family Game Night in our house, and we are always looking for new games to try out. We’ve played card games and board games and usually have a great time — the times when it’s not great is a chance for us parents to reinforce appropriate behaviors. A board game we recently tried out is Fishing Camp — The Game.
Fishing Camp is a game where the whole family learns fun facts about fishing. Players answer trivia questions about fish and fishing as they race around the board to be the first to catch a fish and make it back to camp. The unique aspect of the game is that each card has four levels of questions, so Fishing Camp will challenge a 4 year old as well as a 70 year old. Level one questions are primarily identification of fishing items and fish species, with each level progressively getting harder. That means that each person at the table can play at their own level, evening up the game and making it more interesting for adults.
Education Outdoors Inc. was created by Tim Paczesny in 2005. With the average child watching over 20 hours a week of television, and with statistics showing violent images shown on television reaching over 8,000 per child, Education Outdoors Inc.’s mission is to bring families together to interact and learn about the outdoors.
We really enjoyed playing the game and learned a lot about fishing. Level 1 was pretty easy for all of us, excepting our 5 year old. Looking at some of the Level 4 questions showed us we still have a lot to learn! The game’s rules are simple and easily learned. We loved the giant die that came with the pack, easy for little hands to keep on the table. My only complaint, a minor one, is that the games end too quickly — a larger board or longer path back to the dock might have made it more challenging. The positive is that we just played more games, allowing more winners, never a bad thing.
Disclaimer: This game was sent to me for review purposes, free of charge. Some information was taken from the company’s website and all opinions are my own.


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