First Day Hike: 3 Dune Challenge

3 Dunes Challenge

We could have done our First Day Hike at Starved Rock State Park and camped there (my first plan), but since the rest of the family didn’t seem interested, I decided to change my outing to a walk along Lake Michigan instead. Once everybody expressed an interest in going along, I planned a 3 Dune Challenge for the family, and we headed for the Indiana Dunes State Park. Laima and I completed the 3 Dune Challenge this summer, but it was pretty difficult, since we had run many, many miles over hill and dale and through soft sand before climbing the dunes. 

3 Dunes Challenge

This time the only obstacle we faced was the extremely cold weather and the possibility that a 4 and 7 year old wouldn’t want to climb all that sand. Happily, it wasn’t too cold when we were out of the wind, and climbing the dunes kept us warm as well. There was running and racing, climbing, slipping, and jumping. Of the bad attitude, there was very little, thankfully.

3 Dunes Challenge

A picnic lunch in the warmth of the car, overlooking the lake, and then one more dune to climb (and then run down, twice for some), and we headed home, tuckered but happy to have gotten outside as a family. Just the right amount of time, effort, and fun.

Did you get outside New Year’s Day?

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